Some Health Problems Treated by Chiropractic Elyria Care

Chiropractors have been treating various types of injuries and ailments for years. Here are some of the health problems and injuries that chiropractic therapy has treated rather well:

Sports Injuries – For many athletes, proper knee and foot alignment and pain in the knees are the most usual problems that chiropractic therapy addresses.  Chiropractors use different kinds of techniques to heal and take care of the body’s various joints, limbs and muscles.

Headaches – Headaches can mostly be attributable to stress. However, improper posture, and muscle tension or strain in the neck and back can also be causes of headaches.  By aligning the vertebrae, muscle tension is mitigated thus decreasing neck and back pain.

Disc Bulge or Herniation – The intervertebral disk (IVD) acts as a pillow or shock absorber for the spinal cord and serves as an opening for nerves to exit from the spinal cord area. When the IVDs bulge or herniate, the spine’s range of motion becomes limited, nerves are pinched and pressured causing pain and if left untreated, can cause arthritis.  Chiropractic can treat disc injuries and align the spine to its proper position.  This relieves the pressure on the nerves and helps with the overall well-being of the spine.

Whiplash – Whiplash is an injury to the neck caused by a violent jerk of the head sideways, backwards or forwards. Whiplash is a common occurrence.  In whiplash, the muscles and ligaments supporting spine are overextended or torn.  Pain extends to the back of the neck and into the scapular area are symptoms of whiplash.  These symptoms may take several years to manifest and that is why, it is best to see a chiropractor Elyria immediately if you are injured in an auto accident so that the chiropractor can examine your neck and back muscles and see whether you are suffering from whiplash.

Sciatica – Sciatica manifests as pain originating from the lower back radiating into the lower extremities. Sciatica is usually caused by a misaligned vertebral disc, however, pelvic misalignment can also be a cause.  Mainstream doctors merely prescribe medication or muscle relaxant for sciatica pain and of course, these medications are merely palliatives for the symptoms.  A chiropractor cures the root cause(s) of sciatica allowing not only pain relief and increase in mobility but a healthy and trouble free spine as well.

Arthritis – Arthritis is a very common problem for older people although many young adults also suffer from it.  Chiropractors apply techniques that allow for long-term pain relief by addressing soft tissue problems with techniques used specifically for arthritic pain.  Conservative care is usually given by chiropractors to arthritic patients.  Chiropractic therapy helps arthritis from further degenerating and it helps patients accomplish their activities of daily living by helping them gain greater mobility with relatively less pain.

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