Causes of Sinusitis

Listed below are the typical causes of sinusitis


A bacterial infection is one of the most common reason people develop sinus problems. It may be certainly true that bacterial infections are one of the causes of sinusitis; however, doctors need to differentiate between nose sinusitis (or rhinosinusitis) or acute bacterial (rhino) sinusitis (or ABRS). Sinusitis always involves the nose hence the term rhinosinusitis or nose sinusitis. Knowing what type of sinusitis a patient has will prevent the overuse and misuse of antibiotics.

One way to ascertain if you have bacterial sinusitis is to know the duration of your symptoms.  Symptoms that endure for 10 days or more usually indicate a bacterial infection causing your sinusitis.

Antibiotics may be prescribed for chronic sinusitis if the doctor sees bacterial infection. However, these drugs can become ineffective because chronic sinusitis often is a result of something other than bacteria. Sometimes antibiotics may also be unnecessary in acute cases when symptoms usually will resolve on their own or will self-limit.


Medical researchers have found that allergies are some of the typical reasons behind chronic sinusitis. They advice proper management of your allergies through correct identification of your allergens (the specific substances and factors you are allergic or sensitive to). By knowing what causes your allergies you may be able to implement the right measures to help avoid or limit contact with them. Availing of immunotherapy techniques can also help you successfully overcome your allergies to certain allergens by lowering your body’s sensitivity to them.


Medical studies have been done on how sinusitis can come about due to fungal infection.  The studies have revealed that almost all (96%) of chronic sinus patients were positive with fungi. This factor is usually an overlooked but very typical reason for sinus infection. There has been an exponential rise in cases of diagnosed fungal conditions over the last 3 decades certain statistics reveal.


Like bacterial infection viral infection is also a typical cause for sinusitis. Almost all viral sinusitis cases will resolve by themselves.

Nasal Abnormalities

Certain sinusitis cases come about due to a person’s anatomy. One anatomical anomaly that can cause sinusitis is a deviated nasal septum that can lead to frequent bouts of sinusitis.  This problem can be rectified through surgery although your doctor will have the last say as to its treatment.

Like all medical conditions, you need to be certain that your doctor gives you the correct diagnosis for your sinusitis. To achieve this and to get the right treatment, you need to give your doctor the right information he needs.

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