Dry Skin – Preparing for Your Appointment

To seek treatment for your dry skin, it’s best to start by consulting with your physician about the necessity to talk to a dry skin specialist.  Your skin condition might not even require the expertise of a skin specialist. However, once your doctor recommends you to go see a specialist, you may then need to prepare for your dermatologist appointment.

After you have set an appointment with a dermatologist, the first thing you may need to do is to prepare a list of questions to ask your dermatologist. This guarantees that you will be able to extract the most important information from your appointment.  Listed below are certain pertinent questions you can ask your skin specialist:

  • What has caused my dry skin problem?
  • Are there other possible causes for my skin problem?
  • Would I need to undergo tests to validate the diagnosis for my skin problem?
  • Is there a possibility that this problem will resolve on its own?
  • Are there skin care recommendations you can give to better my symptoms?
  • Is my age or my type of skin a factor for my dry skin?

The doctor will need information from you regarding your condition. This may involve knowing your medical history and your family’s medical history and other factors concerning yourself. Thus, he might ask you questions regarding:

  • Factors that seem to exacerbate your dry skin symptoms
  • Your history of any other form of skin disease or condition
  • A thorough medical history of yourself including any use of multiple prescription drugs all at once
  • Any allergy you may have to an external agent or to any medication
  • The utilization of any new kind cosmetic treatment or cosmetic product
  • Time and dates when the symptoms occur and/or worsen and their duration

The dermatologist may recommend certain precautions, conventional medicines and specific home remedies based on his initial analysis. This may mean that you may just be suffering from a temporary dry skin problem. If, however, the dermatologist tells that further testing and the use of stronger medications may be needed, these may mean that you may need to undergo a longer treatment for your skin problem.

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