Symptoms of Weight Loss

The Shape of Your Body

The most obvious sign of weight loss is your change in body weight. Body calories reside in your body fat and if it not burned, this fat starts to accumulate under your arms, your thighs, buttocks, under your chin, sides and stomach. The excess buildup of fat makes you look flabby.  When a person with excess weight loses weight, these areas are often the first ones to reduce. Another part of you that that also gets leaner when you lose weight is your face.

Sagging Skin

Once those aforementioned body parts start to lose fat, the skin in these parts starts to sag. If you experience sudden substantial loss in weight, the skin cannot compensate fast enough to the changes so it begins to sag and wrinkle particularly at the body parts where much fat was reduced.

Energy Levels

The body gets weak when there is sudden loss in weight. If you lost weight from dieting, the body gets deprived of fats and nutrients that make you easily feel fatigued.  A feeling of weakness is often felt when one loses weight suddenly.  If you’ve managed to lose weight through exercise, the muscles and heart become more toned and stronger making you more energetic rather than weak.


Your mood also changes when you experience sudden and substantial weight loss.  Some people may feel happy and more self-confident after losing a lot of weight.  There are others who lost weight through difficult techniques like rigorous fitness regimens or through strict dieting.  Those who avail of these weight loss measures can oftentimes end up feeling cranky and irritable


Losing weight can also make one easily aroused.  The less fat you have in the body, the less effort your heart needs to pump blood throughout the body. This helps improve blood flow through your sexual organ and helps attain firm and powerful erections. Losing weight not only makes you more stimulated sexually it also makes you more attractive to the opposite sex.

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