Treating IBS Symptoms with Acupuncture Overland Park

Acupuncture Overland Park is now of the most sought after complimentary and alternative treatments of people with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) greatly alleviating its painful symptoms.  Acupuncture is a form of Chinese medicine practiced for thousands of years as a way to treat illness by balancing energy (chi) in the body.  By balancing chi, the body organs, muscles, blood vessels, nerves glands and body tissues function properly and the mind and body experiences good health.

IBS symptoms such as diarrhea, constipation, abdominal pain and muscle cramps are one of those symptoms which acupuncture can effectively address.  Furthermore, the factors that cause these symptoms are also taken care of by acupuncture.  They may include menstrual cramps, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), insomnia, anxiety, nervousness and stress.

As mentioned a while ago, acupuncture treats health problems by bringing balance and regulating the flow of chi throughout the body by means of 14 invisible energy vessels known as meridians.  A person suffering from IBS has chi deprivation in the meridians of the large intestine, kidney, liver, lung and spleen.  This means blockages may have arisen in some of those meridians and thus they will be targeted for acupuncture during treatment.  However, the exact organs to be treated will be dependent on the symptoms presented by the patient or where the pain and discomfort reside during consultation and/or treatment.

To normalize chi flow once again, stainless steel, sterile, non-hollow, disposable needles are introduced at specific sites in the body called acupuncture points or acupoints to remove any blockages in the affected meridian.  The depth the needles penetrate is dependent on muscle thickness of the acupoint.  An acupoint is the site on the skin where a meridian runs just below the surface of the skin.  There should be no pain felt during the needle insertion. Pain felt during needle insertion means that the acupuncturist is not skilled, qualified or experienced enough to practice acupuncture.  With a qualified and highly experienced acupuncturist, the only sensation a patient might feel during needle insertion is nothing or a numbing or slight achy feeling in the needle site.

Sometimes to make the treatment more potent, the needle is connected to a small electric generating gadget that emits mild electrical impulses to the needle to better stimulate the meridian.  The needles are left in the body for about 20 minutes to an hour.  During this time, the patient may feel relaxed, tranquil and sleepy or revitalized that he/she feels like a newly recharged battery.

For many IBS patients, acupuncture has given them relief from the painful and unpleasant symptoms of diarrhea, constipation, bloating, cramping and abdominal pain.   It is a very safe treatment although one should talk about acupuncture treatment with a physician before trying it out and if you do, try to look for an experienced and qualified acupuncturist.

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