Management of Fibromyalgia Symptoms with Acupuncture West Orange

One of the best alternative treatments for painful fibromyalgia symptoms is acupuncture.  Acupuncture West Orange has been around for more than 3000 years and is part of an ancient Chinese medical tradition known as traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).  It has been used throughout time for treating painful symptoms caused by various health disorders.  Acupuncture helps improve or restore the proper functioning of the body systems and enables a relative balance of chi, or life energy throughout the body.  Chi is distributed throughout the body via energy vessels known as meridians.  There 14 meridians in the body according to TCM and they are connected to acupuncture points on various parts of the body.  Needles are inserted into the acupuncture points to help remove imbalances of energy in the body.  The acupuncture needles are non-hollow, stainless steel, hair thin and short needles.  Specific acupuncture points that correspond with a certain organ are inserted with needles to treat energy and blood deficiency in these organs.

Before treatment proper of fibromyalgia symptoms begin, the acupuncturist will ask the patient some questions dealing with the symptoms the patient experiences and if there are other fibromyalgia treatments he/she is using.  Next, the color and texture of the tongue is observed and the pulse is examined to ascertain the specific acupuncture points to be treated with needles.  For fibromyalgia disease, sometimes as many 15 needles are used per session.  Upon insertion, the needles are not supposed to cause pain.  If they do, the acupuncturist may not be as skilled as he/she could be.  In the hands of a qualified and experienced acupuncturist, the needles should not even be felt when inserted in the skin or at least should only cause a tingling sensation, a dull ache or a slight pinch when they are inserted into the skin.  The needles are allowed to remain in the body for 20 minutes.

People experience different reactions after treatment.  Some people come out of the treatment entirely refreshed and some feel revitalized or reenergized.  In extremely rare cases nausea, headache, fatigue and fainting are experienced by patients during treatment.  These side effects are either the result of complications from another illness or from an acupuncturist not properly trained in this medical art.  It is always a good idea to talk to one’s physician about acupuncture before trying it.

What does acupuncture actually do to treat fibromyalgia?  Acupuncture

  • Boosts the energy level of the body and takes away fatigue
  • Takes away depression and other negative extreme emotions.
  • Effectively eliminates or relieves pain.

Besides these, blood flow improves and this helps lessen the painful body points and boosts muscle strength.  Western medicine also believes acupuncture increases endorphin levels in the body and these effectively chemicals blocks pain sensations to the brain.

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