Treating Alcoholism with Acupuncture Miami

Alcoholism is by far the worst health and social problem in the United States.  The total cost of alcohol-related problems in the US annually is a staggering 175 billion dollars.  The western medical approach for alcohol abuse is treatment by pharmaceutical medication, which consists of sedatives and tranquilizers to incapacitate the patient until his/her intoxication tapers off. So far, there are no far efficient techniques offered by western medicine to treat alcohol abuse.

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) sees alcoholism more of an emotional or psychological problem.  Acupuncture Miami is a holistic form of therapy that cures the root cause as well as the symptom and the effect of the disease.  Alcoholism is a disease that weakens and damages the internal organs especially the liver and kidneys.  It causes cirrhosis, liver problems, hepatitis and degenerative diseases among others.  Left untreated alcoholism leads to death.

Acupuncture by far is the safest and most potent treatment for alcoholism.  Alcoholism is a form of addiction same as overeating or drug abuse in which extreme emotions trigger a desire to offset the pain by indulging in substance abuse, which is alcohol in this case.  The alcohol numbs the emotional pain temporarily but takes its toll on the internal organs.  Substance abuse often is a reaction of the body to release endorphins to feel good and relaxed as a way to offset the emotional problem of the individual.  Alcoholism is no different. Depression, in one way or another, is usually the problem underlying most substance abuses.

TCM believes there is a life force called chi traveling around the body.  The smooth flow of chi in the body is what gives us good health and makes us grow.  When a person experiences high emotions like sadness, loneliness, anger or fear, the emotions create a blockage in the body, usually in the liver.  In alcoholism, the blockage is in the liver meridian.  The chi stagnates causing depression and other ailments. The lungs, spleen and kidneys are affected because chi does not reach these organs causing more problems and ailments for the individual.

Acupuncture besides removing the blockage of chi in the liver, helps the body release endorphins to combat the addiction and heals the person’s emotional and psychological problem.  Usually ear acupuncture is used for treatment since the ear has numerous meridian lines connecting the three organs hugely affected by alcoholism and the nervous system.  The release of endorphins through acupuncture is very important because endorphins are what body the desires to neutralize the emotional pain it feels.  Without acupuncture, withdrawal symptoms can be intolerable.  Acupuncture is not addictive and it guides the brain to release endorphins naturally.

Depending on the severity and length of the addiction, multiple treatment sessions are needed before complete recovery, including the root emotional cause, which is guaranteed provided the person also changes his/her prior unhealthy lifestyle.

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