Lose Weight Naturally with Acupuncture Palm Harbor

For many on diet, the frustration of suffering for days, weeks or even months only to have the weight come back and gaining a few pounds more can be so frustrating. Most people who have discovered acupuncture Louisville as a viable weight loss alternative seem to be handling their weight quite well since acupuncture is really a permanent or long-term treatment for obesity. Acupuncture involves the insertion of reed-thin needles in selected areas in the body to help the body remain healthy and grow.

The purpose of acupuncture is to release endorphins in the body.  These endorphins are chemicals used by the body as pain relievers.  They suppress addiction or cravings allowing the patient to gain more willpower to resist his/her addiction. Behavioral patterns or lifestyle and psychological reasons can be causes of weight issues.

Acupuncture needles are applied into areas of the body to enable faster body metabolism and trigger weight loss. This is accomplished by stimulating the pituitary gland to secrete endorphins.

Acupuncture is an ideal way for battling weight gain especially for people who have struggled frustratingly with other weight loss programs. Pharmaceutical pills possess side effects while dieting without the aid of these pills requires extraordinary willpower.  With acupuncture, one does not need to undergo starvation or suffer from devastating side effects since it allows the body itself to cure itself in an easy and less traumatic manner.

The aid of acupuncture in dispelling the craving for foods is a very good method which acupuncture does in its battle against obesity.  Another way overweight patients benefit from acupuncture is that this therapy lowers the insulin and lipid levels in the blood.

Acupuncture is not habit forming.  It is the safest and guaranteed way to lose weight. To the serious patient, regular sessions of treatment will guarantee a permanent weight loss.

Acupuncture treatment in Palm Harbor does not encourage one to start living a sedentary lifestyle.  Diet and exercise are integral parts of a healthy lifestyle and so have to be part of a person’s regular activity not only to stay fit but also to strengthen the body against diseases.  In addition, a happy cheerful outlook in life does help to avoid developing blockages in the meridians.  A balanced diet with intakes of herbal tea, cutting down on in-between meal snacks and drinking a moderate amount of ozone-filtered water keeps the body in prime shape and keeps weight under control.

People who have struggled for years with weight loss programs and those who have experienced negative side effects with pills should consider acupuncture.  They have nothing to lose but their weight and their emotional problems, if that is the cause of their obesity.  In fact, there have been thousands of testimonials from people who have unsuccessfully undergone these programs who now are praising the wonders of acupuncture as a very good weight loss program after being treated successfully by it.

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