Treat Sciatica The Natural Way With Acupressure

Sciatica is an inflammation, compression, or irritation of a thick nerve called sciatica that starts in the spine’s lower part, goes through the pelvis and down to the back of the leg. It’s a rather common type of pain that tends to affect middle-aged people, especially people in their 50’s. One needs to understand that sciatica is a term that represents a set of symptoms rather than a certain condition. And pain that radiates from the lower spine to the buttock down to the back leg is sciatica’s most common symptom. Certain sufferers can also experience muscle weakness, tingling, or numbness in the affected leg. Sciatic nerve inflammation, compression, or irritation arises for a number of reasons, slipped or herniated lumbar disc being the most common. For sciatica related to herniation of the lumbar disc, treatment may not be often required as the problem more often than not improves naturally within a few weeks. However, treatment may be necessary if symptoms persist or are severe.

More and more people during the past few years have sought acupressure therapy to alleviate acute sciatic pain in an entirely natural way without spinal injections or painkillers. Acupressure (not the same as acupuncture) is an age-old type of treatment that relies on the application of physical pressure on identified points along the body. Such pressure boosts lymph and blood flow and stimulates the body to release oxytocin and endorphins that relieve muscle tension and pain.

In the same way, magnetic or magnet therapy has been employed for hundreds of year to quell pain through a magnet’s healing power. Besides increasing peripheral blood circulation, when magnets are placed as close as possible to the point of pain on the skin, they also minimize inflammation leading to a significant relief of sciatic pain. Cells can be damaged by inflammation because it tends to alter a cell’s ionic balance: cellular degeneration sets in when the cell’s chemical balance changes. Fortunately, magnets can help bring back balance to the cells by generating a magnetic field that causes the ions to realign once more.

These days, one can enjoy the health benefits of acupressure and magnet treatment through a device called “magnetic acupressure mat”. This mat has “spiky” plastic discs as well as cylindrically-shaped bio-magnets that cover one of its sides. Actually, there are various kinds of these mats being sold in the market today but many of them are not really that effective. To select a high quality mat, you need to take note of a few elements. First, the plastic discs mentioned a while ago are usually named “florets” or “flowers” and have a series of tips that should be shaped like a pyramid. The amount of tips per floret should also ideally be around 30 to 36. Anything less than 30 may make the acupressure experience a bit uncomfortable, while anything beyond 36 may make the therapy too “bland” and, therefore, ineffective. You may need to also check out the padding of the mat. In fact, the best acupressure mats are the ones fitted with vegetable fibers as they do not attract mites, do not misshape over time, are breathable, and, most importantly, provide you with a balanced and more uniform acupressure. In addition, vegetable fibers, unlike foam rubber and other crude oil by-products, are eco-friendly and wholly natural.

Finally, the magnets need to be set on the mat based on Stable Field Magnet Therapy principles and ought to be medium negative polarity permanent bio-magnets. These simple tips should be helpful instructions on how to find the best acupressure mat that can heal your sciatica effectively and immediately.

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