Three Chinese Foods That Can Help Boost Overall Health And Fitness

Can a vegetable have meat and fish tastes and textures? The answer to that is yes and one of the vegetables or herbs that possess such qualities is Chinese Black Fungus, a plant often used as a dietary supplement due to its vital nutrients which can boost overall health and fitness. The Chinese Black Fungus requires washing before use, and it’s usually sold in dried packaged form.

As a Health Supplement

The Chinese Black Fungus can help prevent iron deficiency anemia by tonifying blood. This plant has been discovered by Western medicine to modulate blood viscosity by retarding the aggregation of platelet resulting in low levels of blood-viscosity. Its applications in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) include coronary heart disease, hypertension (high blood pressure), hemorrhoids, uterine hemorrhaging, and anemia. It is also prominent in the prevention of cancer and relief of cancer pain.

In Chinese cuisine, the Chinese Black Fungus is an inexpensive and quite commonly used ingredient. In Chinese food therapy, this fungus has for thousands of years been used as a medicinal food. It is packed with nutrients such as polysaccharides, vitamins, fat, protein, and iron and also possesses essential trace elements like manganese, selenium, and potassium that can all contribute to the long-term health of the body.

The bittersweet taste of Black Fungus is not quite that strong; however, it has a definite meat-like texture. When used in other ingredients, it tends to enhance their flavors.

As an Aid to Diet

In the fight against obesity, Black Fungus can be a powerful ally. When boiled, it can be an especially satisfying morsel and despite its meat-like taste and texture, it’s a very low caloric food. To ‘enrich’ other dishes, this plant is oftentimes added to them to bulk these foods up. It can also be used for slimming purposes.

As mentioned a short while ago, Black Fungus needs to be thoroughly cleaned before use. It is readily available in all Chinese stores and supermarkets.

Used as Complement to Fat-busters

You can eat your Black Fungus along with nutritional, weight-loss, and slimming supplements such as Bojenmi Tea and Green Tea.

Bojenmi Tea – This tea facilitates weight loss and slimming and is made up of a dozen medicinal herbs based on an ancient remedy dating as far back as the Ming Dynasty. Bojenmi Tea can be a mild laxative, is pleasant to the taste, reduces cholesterol levels, and helps boost digestion.

Green tea – This tea has so many health benefits: it promotes digestion, stimulates the heart, detoxifies the body, helps in weight in loss, and enhances the metabolic process of fats.

Green tea should not be drunk by be people with anemia (and women in their menstrual cycle) because it slows the assimilation of iron. To address iron deficiencies, they can eat Black Fungus or drink Bojenmi Tea instead.


Both Bojenmi and Green teas help was cleanse out fatty deposits from our internal systems. The powerful fat-eliminating potency of Green Tea is such that left-overs are used to remove grease from tables in Chinese restaurants at closing time.

Bojenmi Tea, Green Tea, and Black Fungus, all possess longevity, detoxifying, and internal cleansing qualities that make them an integral part in any dietary, fitness, health, and anti-aging programs. These three products are widely available in Chinese stores and supermarkets.

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