Some Interesting Notes About Acupuncture

Based on the most recent study of Chinese medicine and acupuncture in the United States, an astounding 8 million plus Americans had acupuncture treatment at some point in their lives. Many of these people are actually getting acupuncture treatment on a regular basis. Acupuncture became a popular form of treatment in the US when a writer from the New York Times known as James Reston introduced the concept of utilizing needles to alleviate pain and the media has been all over Chinese medicine ever since. It’s important to note that there’s a lot more to Chinese medicine than just a recommended visit to your acupuncturist. At your disposal is an entire world of herbal remedies and medicine.

A lot of Western physicians find it hard to explain the workings of acupuncture. There have been a number of theories as to why Chinese medicine and acupuncture work in treating or even curing certain health conditions. Some believe that acupuncture stimulates the nervous system leading to effects cause the body to heal or cure itself.

Doctors believe that when an acupuncture needle is inserted in the skin, the body nervous system and brain is stimulated to produce and release neurotransmitters known as endorphins that help relieve pain and generate a pleasant feeling in the mind and body. Traditional acupuncturists, on the other hand, believe that the needles help improve the flow of energy and blood throughout the body as it removes the factors causing energy and flow to slow down. This leads to the removal of pain and the treatment of a condition.

The “Electrical Theory” is another Chinese medicine theory that states that the body is constantly discharging weak magnetic energy and that Chinese acupuncture actually works by utilizing that weak electromagnetic energy, in the process changing chemical neurotransmitters. British physicians performing a test in 1999 discovered that collagen was a good conductor of electricity. At the end of the test, the researchers noted that the collagen fibers may be the equivalent of the meridians where the so-called qi energy travels. When a needle is inserted into the skin it gives off an electrical stimulation that causes the electricity to be channeled to more distal locations in the body.

The response of a patient to Chinese medicine and acupuncture is unique. This means that each person responds to these two treatments in his/her own unique. Some may feel a little soreness when the needle is inserted, some may feel pain, while others may feel no sensation at all. Some may feel sleepy or relaxed while others may feel reinvigorated after a session of Chinese acupuncture. Several patients return multiple times to get the best results of the treatment while a few may be entirely cured of their condition with just one or a few treatments.

If a particular acupuncture procedure leaves you with a feeling of discomfort, then it may also be due to the practitioner’s style or qualifications. To get the best possible treatment, you need to search for a qualified acupuncturist who has had experience in treating your specific condition. This is to prevent you from incurring any untoward injuries, accidents, and infections.

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