Chinese Medicine Relieves the Effects of Sore throat and Stress

According to Chinese medicine, acute sore throat is the result of wind heat producing symptoms such as a rapid floating pulse, cough producing yellow phlegm, and fever.

When practitioners diagnose this condition, they usually prescribe a herbal formula known as Yin Chiao Hsie Du Pian; the sooner the symptoms develop and the more quickly this formula is taken by the patient, the quicker the condition is treated. For severe sore throat, another formula known as Chuan Hsin Lian Antiphlogistic Pills is prescribed. However, if the symptoms persist even after taking these remedies, then you need to consult with your healthcare provider.

Commonly, acupuncture and herbal therapies resolve acute sore throats in a day or two. Acupoints located on the arm and hand, known respectively as the Crooked Pool (Large Intestine 11) and Large intestine 4 are treated for this condition. Acupoint Lung 10 found on the palm side near the thumb’s base is also treated with needles if the sore throat is particularly severe. Needling the Lung 10 acupoint can be a bit painful and so it is only used if the sore throat symptoms are really severe. If the patient is inclined to tolerate a minor discomfort from the needle insertion in this point, then the painful symptoms can easily go away. If you have a chronic type of sore throat, it may be because of an underlying condition known as yin deficiency. You lack cooling yin that helps prevent the rise of chronic inflammation. Insomnia, irritability, night sweats, dry mouth, reddish tongue with no or little coating and a fast and thin pulse are the other symptoms of yin deficiency. The goal of acupuncture and Chinese herbal therapy in Overland Park is to clear the heat and increase yin treatment. Rehmannia Teapills taken for a month or two is added to the treatment to make the results last a long time.

Treating Stress with Traditional Chinese Medicine

Most Western societies have people living hectic lives that cause too much anxiety and stress. This is the price to pay for living in a modern, industrialized society. A lot of these people are unaware that they’re under too much stress until they manifest or experience stress-related conditions such as a heart attack, stroke, or high blood pressure.

Removing the source of anxiety and stress is the best course of action they can take, if that’s possible. If not, they can go for regular acupuncture treatment and perform stress-relieving exercises such as yoga, meditation, qi gong, and other body-spirit exercises to reduce the effects of stress on their body and mind.

Acupuncture’s ability to relieve stress is extremely good. The results are a calm emotion, a soothed mind, and a relaxed body. Specific acupoints are chosen to especially treat anxiety disorders, addictions, and insomnia among others. Sometimes, the practitioner may tape on the Shenmen or Heart 7 acupoint on the ear a seed-like bead to prolong the effects of the treatment until the next treatment session begins. In order to get the healing effects, the patient must press on the bead to stimulate the acupoint. This helps relax the patient like a typical acupuncture treatment tends to do. Other herbal remedies that may be included in the treatment include An Mien Pien (Tea of the Emperor) and a sleeping formula known as Sisyphus Seed Stress, which is drank and used to treat insomnia and stress.

Besides that, to better withstand the effects of stress, herbs known as adaptogens are used. They include reishi mushroom, Codonopsis, Astralagus, and ginseng. The potency of these adaptogens have been proven and well-documented in several clinical studies done in China and Russia.

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