Sciatica, Golfer’s Swing and Acupuncture Miami

The Chinese have used acupuncture Miami to treat sciatic pain for ages.  Sciatic pain or sciatica for short is pain in the lower back caused by swelling, compression and irritation of the sciatic nerve that spreads down to the back of the leg.  The causes of this swelling, compression and irritation are tight piriformis muscles, degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis or lumbar disc herniation.

Golfers often suffer from sciatica or low back pain at some point in their golfing activity and this pain can be traced to the twisting of the low back and the extreme force exerted by the body during a golf swing.  Some golfers have swings that are not good for the body especially if the low back muscles and the abdominal muscles are not strong enough to withstand the force exerted in a golf swing. As a result the back muscles and nerves are strained making the likelihood of low back pain or sciatica to occur.

Because of its effectiveness and few side effects, more and more people are gravitating towards acupuncture treatment as a feasible cure for low back disorders.  Many reports of a botched back surgery and serious side effects from painkillers have made people aware that these conventional treatments may be far more harmful to the body than the disorder they are designed to treat.  Western medical science has theorized that acupuncture controls body pain by stimulating the central nervous system to produce and release natural painkillers known as endorphins.  Besides this, acupuncture is widely believed to reduce swelling and pain, relax tight muscles, heal and strengthen tendons and ligaments and improve blood circulation. Improved circulation of blood in the back increases flexibility of the tendons, ligaments and joints as well make them supple. The relaxation of the muscles in the back will greatly reduce swelling of the sciatic nerve and lessen any pressure or compression on it.  All these greatly reduces the pain and discomfort in the lower back

Typically, a patient with sciatica will feel pain in the left buttock and the pain becomes more severe when he/she attempts to sit or play golf.  When the pain flares up, it affects back of the leg and the ankle making it quite difficult for the patient to walk.  Some patients with sciatica have tried different treatments but none have helped.  The goal of acupuncture treatment is to remove pain and discomfort without the need for drugs or surgery.  Treatment for sciatic pain will depend on how well one responds to acupuncture.  Normally herbal medicine is included in the treatment to make it more potent and thus facilitate the treatment.  For those who want to avail a long-term, natural and safe treatment for their low back or sciatic pain, acupuncture has been a reliable and effective cure for these disorders for thousands of years.

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