Common Questions Regarding Acupuncture Miami Treatment

There are several questions people interested in acupuncture treatment are likely to ask.  Acupuncture Miami can be easily misunderstood especially when one listens to skeptics of this very beneficial treatment; most people would consider it only after all other conventional options have been used up. Listed below are some of the common questions people ask regarding acupuncture treatment for infertility. However, let me answer some of the most common questions for you right now.

1. How does acupuncture work?

There are many ways acupuncture works to allow a person experience and maintain good health.  Acupuncture helps to improve blood circulation on areas targeted for treatment.  The improved circulation effectively facilitates the healing of the injured part and removes any pain felt there.  Acupuncture also works on the central nervous system, eliciting it to release chemicals necessary for the healing and treatment of the body in the brain, spinal cord and muscles.  These chemicals also help relieve pain or stimulate the release of other hormones that help regulate specific body systems.  Acupuncture is very good in treating illnesses, maintaining and enhancing well-being and preventing disease.  Hard-core acupuncture skeptics exist but there is no denying that acupuncture really works.

2. Is acupuncture painful?

The needles used for acupuncture treatment are so thin that it can be compared to the head hair of a human being.  The needles are about 50 times thinner than needles used for injection and vaccination.  The needles are often made of stainless steel and are meant to merely push tissue aside when inserted rather than cutting through skin tissue like hypodermic needles do.  Hence, needle insertion should be a virtually painless procedure.  Most people during the treatment do not even realize that the needles have already been inserted.  For many people, the treatment procedure is quite relaxing and comfortable that they often fall asleep during treatment.

3. Are the needles reused?

The needles used are strictly disposable, single-use sterile needles.

4. Is acupuncture treatment covered by medical insurance companies?

Many insurance companies are now giving coverage to acupuncture procedures.

5. How many treatments do I need?

Acupuncture treatment is oftentimes combined with Chinese herbal medicine to facilitate and maximize the treatment. If the patient has a chronic disorder, the treatment usually takes longer than those with acute disorders.  Lifestyle and diet of the patient are factors that can accelerate or retard the treatment program.

6. How does one prepare for acupuncture therapy?

Eating light before the treatment will prevent the occurrence of lightheadedness during or after treatment. Wear clothes that are loose so that the body parts that are to be treated are easily accessible to the acupuncturist.  Performing strenuous exercises or activities, eating too much and consuming alcohol should not be done prior to treatment.

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