Acupuncture Miami Greatly Aids in Conception

The experience of acupuncture Miami treatment in treating infertility is totally different to the other treatment programs we know of in the West.  Acupuncture treatment even today in China and the Far East as has been through several thousands of years is highly recommended by medical specialists that deal with reproductive and fertility disorders. Females are usually the ones in need of infertility treatments although nowadays a growing number of men suffer also now suffer from infertility problems.

Acupuncture has been a popular treatment for many Chinese physicians because of its effective and relatively painless attributes.  Acupuncture uses filiform needles inserted at important parts in the body to stimulate certain energy points in the body.  Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the energy points help in regulating the person’s physical, emotional, spiritual and mental balance and any disruptions in this balance can cause different kinds of diseases and ailments.

Acupuncture has been shown through numerous Western studies and research to impressively treat male and female infertility and greatly aids in facilitating the process of conception.  A woman who avails of acupuncture treatment for her infertility is assured of positive results.  Acupuncture treatment can also make her more prepared to undergo more advanced reproductive assisted programs to enable her to successfully conceive.  Western medicine and acupuncture when combined can greatly aid a woman in achieving a successful pregnancy.  Assisted reproductive technique (ART) specialists have discovered that the combination of ART procedures such as in vitro fertilization, egg donor transplant or artificial insemination with acupuncture greatly increases the rate of success of these procedures.  With regards to artificial insemination, male fertility is also greatly enhanced by having the male undergo months of acupuncture therapy before the actual artificial insemination procedure begins.

Women likewise are now required by most ART clinics to experience at least three months of acupuncture therapy before they begin their ART treatments.  These treatments had success rates of less than 40% before acupuncture was included in their procedures.  When, combined with acupuncture the rate of success of these ART programs jumped to 70%, which meant good news for a lot of couples and women who desperately want to be parents.  Acupuncture aids a woman to achieve conception in a lot of ways.  It can help the woman produce more eggs and it can regulate her hormonal function which increases the chances of successful fertilization.  Many results have shown that with acupuncture treatment, the ability to produce more eggs is much better than those women who used drugs to improve their egg production.

Acupuncture is gaining more adherents by the day because of its holistic, safe, effective and natural approach; something that many couples desire and seek when they want to have a baby that will not be affected or harmed in any way by pharmaceutical drugs.

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