Acupuncture Bellmore Can Help with Infertility

Few medical procedures have had an illustrious history as acupuncture Bellmore in treating painful and distressful conditions.  This ancient Chinese medical practice is quite safe and effective especially when done by a licensed and well-trained acupuncturist.  Acupuncture was and is still a very effective method in treating many types of male and female infertility.

Many theories abound about why acupuncture is quite potent in treating so many types of disorders.  The Chinese explanation of energy which they call chi believed flowing throughout the body is the official explanation; however, Western medical science view that acupuncture regulates neurohormonal levels in the body is the more accepted modern science version of acupuncture’s workings.  In treating infertility, acupuncture increases blood flow to the reproductive organs and other vital body organs and medical science believes this is the main reason why acupuncture can improve male and female fertility.

People who either have infertility problems or just want to increase their chance of conception can find their answers in acupuncture although it may not be as successful in treating infertility caused by the body’s structural problems.  Examples of structural problems that cause infertility are blocked or damaged fallopian tubes or pelvic adhesions for females and undescended testicles for males.  The most popular form of artificial reproductive treatment (ART) in the United States is in vitro fertilization (IVF) in order to get pregnant. IVF and other ART procedures such as egg donor transplant or artificial insemination or surgery are the normal procedures in treating infertility caused by structural problems. When acupuncture is used to complement these ART procedures, the rate of success of these programs is increased dramatically.

Another great feature of acupuncture for treating infertility is it does not use any chemical or drugs.  However, if a patient is already taking chemical or drug medications, acupuncture can lessen their side effects or any negative characteristic of those chemicals or drugs.  If a woman is pregnant, there should absolutely be minimal or no drug intake for her; with acupuncture treatment, the drug intake can be reduced significantly or can be not taken at all.

Acupuncture has certain risks and side effects especially if not performed by a licensed and experienced practitioner.  Some of the risks are bruises, incorrect placement of the needles and infection.

Because of acupuncture’s proven effectiveness and versatility in treating many kinds of diseases, many doctors have trained in it and are now licensed practitioners of acupuncture; this is good news since this will mean fewer chances of acupuncture risks and side effects from occurring.  The needles used are single-use disposable and sterilized needles and there is no chance of inserting the needles at wrong body sites.

Acupuncture can treat both male and female infertility and if you and your mate desire to have a baby, it is recommended to consult with a doctor first who may also be a practicing acupuncturist for fertility problems.

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