Asthma Prevention

The changes in seasons for a typical asthmatic is oftentimes the worst parts of the year for him since these are days of the year where his asthma exacerbations are at its worst. Usually when the season changes, say from winter to spring, plants release pollens, airborne allergens are at their most plentiful, and the sudden change in temperature can aggravate one’s asthma. It is best to be fully prepared when the season starts to change and the temperature begins to change. The person who has asthma needs to know the factors that can trigger his asthma, how severe it can affect him and more, importantly, to have an asthma attack plan always ready when he is hit with an asthma attack.

You can always take common preventative steps so you don’t needlessly suffer from asthma or to be able to keep your asthma properly managed. Some of these steps are listed below.

  • Always avoid closed and congested areas as you can be infected with upper respiratory diseases that might result in asthma attacks
  • Be sure you get your allergy shots to give you a certain degree of resistance to your asthma triggers
  • Refrain from doing any physical activities or exercises that can aggravate your asthma
  • Make it a habit to do deep breathing exercises like yoga. Yoga can be very helpful for asthma patients as it can assist them to focus well on their manner of breathing
  • Make a list of your attacks and their duration. This can be useful for your doctor when you come in for an appointment. The list can easily help your doctor properly diagnose your condition and recommend the right treatment
  • If you are having an asthma attack, it is important to stay calm at all times, take deep slow breaths and follow your asthma attack plan properly
  • Always bring your asthma pump with you wherever you go
  • To help clear your lung of infiltrates, use your asthma pump at least twice a day (morning and evening) everyday
  • Always have a nebulizer at home and use it to prevent an asthma attack
  • If you suffer from long-term or chronic asthma, you can do a nebulization at least once a week regularly
  • Go to your doctor and ask him what medication is best to use for your asthma when the season starts to change

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