Anemia Prevention

Anemia is very preventable especially if it is caused by lack of vitamins or iron. Supplements in changes in your diet can prevent certain forms of anemia from coming back again.

Addressing the factors that cause anemia can prevent recurrence of anemic episodes. If you’re anemia is, for example, the result of taking certain medications, then the doctor can prescribe another form of medication that does not cause you to become anemic.

In order to contain anemia and keep it from getting worse, inform your doctor all he needs to know about your symptoms and signs related and unrelated to your anemia. Good information about your signs and symptoms can prompt the doctor to perform the right diagnostic tests on you and formulate a good plan of treatment.

Unfortunately some types of anemia cannot be prevented.  One such type is sickle cell anemia which is genetically inherited.  The best way to manage and control this condition is to consult with your doctor and follow his prescribed treatment plan and go to required follow-ups.

For those suffering from sickle cell anemia, one good suggestion is to consult with a genetic counselor if you are desirous of having a child. The counselor can illuminate you about the disease and the risk that comes with it when planning to have a child who might end up acquiring the disease. This type of counselor will inform you of reproductive choices, preventative measures and all available treatments which you can avail of.

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