Acupuncture Overland Park an Aid to Fertility

For those women wanting to be treated for their infertility problems in a natural way, acupuncture is the best way to this.  Acupuncture Overland Park has been beneficial by itself or through other means in aiding women achieve pregnancy.  It has been a treatment for millennia for Chinese couples who have infertility issues.  Controlled studies have shown the effectiveness of acupuncture in treating infertility or making pregnancy more conducive for women undergoing reproductive assisted programs such as In Vitro Fertilization (IVF).

Acupuncture energizes the body.  It has shown to revitalize the organs, muscles and tissues allowing them to function better.  It also promotes good blood flow throughout the body nourishing parts of the body that normally goes unnourished due to bad health or sickness.  These are all essential needs of the body to be fertile and in the case of women, achieve pregnancy.  Good blood flow and normal hormonal balance greatly affects the ovaries in a positive way and good egg production and normal ovulation usually are its results.

For women with irregular menstrual cycles, acupuncture has the ability to normalize menstruation by stimulating endorphins.  These endorphins play a key role in regulating menstruation.

The basis for acupuncture is its aiding of the life force or chi to flow unhampered throughout the body.  Chi, according to traditional Chinese medicine, is what makes the body live, grow and reproduce.  The third aspect needs to be emphasized because it implies acupuncture, the facilitator for chi flow, can play a key role in reproduction.  When chi stagnates due to blockages in its pathways, illnesses and ailments occur.  Some of these ailments can manifest in the form of infertility.

Acupuncture relaxes and calms the patient.  Under acupuncture, the patient has a sense of well-being, which is a good disposition to have when planning to engender life itself.

Good blood flow especially to the reproductive organs such as the endometrium, uterus and ovarian tubes helps produce healthy eggs and a healthy uterus, which makes the chance of having a miscarriage minimal.  In many studies comparing the effectiveness of acupuncture with drugs such as Clomid, results show that acupuncture is as effective as Clomid.  Since pharmaceutical drugs carry harmful side effects, acupuncture then can be considered a mores superior type of reproductive assisted therapy than pharmaceutical drug therapy.

Acupuncture because of its relaxing and calming effect, is used for stressful reproductive assisted therapies such as IVF.  Not only does acupuncture helps women to relax, it also creates a good environment for the eggs and creates better chances for the eggs to achieve fertility.  Acupuncture surely on its own or as an aid to other reproductive assisted techniques is a very good program for women and even men to achieve fertility and for women having a difficult time getting pregnant, be able to achieve pregnancy.

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