Orlando Acupuncture and Drug Detoxification

Orlando Acupuncture is a proven safe technique for treatments related to drug detox. The mechanics of acupuncture comes from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which has been developed several thousand years ago. This technique uses reed thin needles inserted at certain points of the body to stimulate blood flow and release chemicals that enable the body to relax and feel good. These points connect to meridian networks in the body and these meridians transport chi, the Chinese word for vital energy or life force, throughout the body.  Acupuncture unblocks chi flow because when there is a blockage, illnesses and diseases occur.

According to Western medical research, acupuncture stimulates the secretion of endorphins in the brain. These endorphins alleviate chronic pain and this activity helps greatly for any drug detox program, making acupuncture a very useful therapy making symptoms of addictive-drug withdrawal tolerable. Even with cocaine addiction, acupuncture is strong enough to greatly mitigate cocaine withdrawal symptoms.

Advanced studies have discovered that acupuncture with the help of electric stimulation through acupuncture needles connected to a machine that produces weak electric currents enhances the analgesic effects further aiding the patient to control the drug withdrawals.  Some hospitals in the US have opted for acupuncture as the preferred method of treatment for addiction withdrawals.

For Western medical skeptics, the success of acupuncture as an effective drug detox program seems baffling due to the lack of empirical evidence of the fundamentals of TCM, such as chi and yin-yang duality.  Regardless of this, acupuncture efficacy for drug detox programs stems from its psychological and physiological benefits. Chinese medicine’s acknowledgement of chi and yin-yang, just some of TCM’s unique beliefs, seamlessly act as bridges to the physical body and the psychological mind.

Drug detox treatment requires a healing of both mind and body. Western medical science, even now with all its technological advancements, is unable to achieve this integration.  The holistic nature of acupuncture makes it a superior form of therapy in cases where the psychological and emotional aspect of the person is as important to heal as its physiological problems, such as the case of drug addiction.  Methadone is usually given to patients and this does not address the root problem of drug addiction, at all.  It only relieves the withdrawal symptoms of the patient by giving the patient a non-addictive drug in lieu of another drug.  Methadone does not help in any way allow the body itself fight the addiction unlike acupuncture.

Due to the association of acupuncture with needles, many individuals fear undergoing it and thus it is best to talk to a physician knowledgeable about acupuncture to allay this typical worry.  Under a qualified acupuncturist, acupuncture can very rarely cause serious harm. A good acupuncturist always uses sterilized needles to avoid infections.

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