Why Scars Need to be Treated with Traditional Chinese Medicine

Scars are the body’s natural responses to traumatic injury. They seem to appear very small and some are so small that they may be almost invisible or unnoticed by the eyes. This is an illusion. Under the skin, scars can be actually quite thick, very immobile, long and wide. The true dimensions of a scar can be only assessed by a trained hand.

As mentioned, scars often occur from a traumatic injury. This includes gross trauma such as a continual micro-tearing over time, such as what may occur with someone who does not stretch after an exercise workout or not rest in-between exercises.

For the most part, Western medicine tends to ignore the issue of scars and this results in unwanted consequences as scars usually end up causing pain and dysfunction. The treatment of scars produces lots of benefits that can be quite impressive. In the treatment, some Western and Eastern doctors have discovered some of the scar’s visual appearances are from immobile scar tissue:

Very Thick Scars: These scars can cause patients to become self-conscious of the affected part of their body. Very thick scars may seem a trifling matter to others but for some people, they generate stress especially if they have never had a scar on a certain part of their body before.

Chronic Swelling: if a scar if too tight, it can adhere or press down on structures such as blood vessels and nerves causing pain. Scars may cause an area of the body to accumulate fluid and prevent the fluid from moving to another area which it should normally do. This can happen in surgical procedures. Weeks after surgery, some doctors would discover in their patient some pooling of fluid in the site of the surgery. In cases like this, the scar can cause a “double whammy” effect. It generates pain because: one, it sticks into sensitive body structures thus causing pain and two, it prevents or slows down fluid movement in the area where the surgery was done. Also, the fluid can potentially bear pressure on the pain sensitive structures when this occurs. Treating the scar will resolve the pain and swelling.

Pain Caused by Postural Dysfunction: Scars that are thick and tight can cause problems in the way patients sit, stand, or walk. Lower back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, and headaches can result from this postural issue.

While Stretching Chronic Tightness May Be Felt: A person may have above average range of motion or a full range of motion and still feel muscle tightness. Usually neurological problems have been ruled out. Back of the thigh (the hamstring muscle) is usually the area where the person may feel tightness regardless of how much he/she stretches that muscle.

Chronic Pain Potentially Away from the Area or Around and Inside the Area: Some patients who have long-term chronic lower back pain also have a scar in their stomach. The pain instantly goes away once the stomach scar is treated. Some patients with abdominal scar report of a pulling or tightness sensation in their groin. When the scar was treated, it became more mobile and the tightness sensation disappeared.

TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) practitioners offer modalities such as acupuncture, Chinese massage (Tui Na), and scraping (Gua Sha) for treating scars. Some of the benefits of acupuncture and other Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments for scar tissue are listed below:

– From the viewpoint of Chinese medicine, a scar that is mobile can help improve the flow of Chi (or Qi, which healing intelligence/life force of the body
– The resolution of the scar’s immobility results in improved posture
– From the standpoint of cosmetology, traditional Chinese scar treatment can assists in “flattening” out a scar that is thick which potentially leads to well-being and an improved sense of confidence
– Swelling is lessened
– Circulation of blood is boosted to the affected part of the body potentially helping to accelerate healing
– better flexibility, mobility, and range of motion
– alleviation of pain

Is Acupuncture for the Treatment of Scar Painful?

Under the skilled hands of a licensed and experienced practitioner, acupuncture is a surprisingly painless and really relaxing procedure than people imagine it to be. However, there may be some degree of discomfort felt depending on your constitution and your scar and its characteristics. This discomfort is transitory and fleeting and the treatment process the acupuncturist will administer will only go to a degree that you are comfortable with.

The needles used in acupuncture are very different from the needles used in blood transfusions, IV, and injections your doctor uses on you. An acupuncture needle is as thin as a single hair on your head. When the needle is inserted, you may feel a light pressure or prick or even no sensation at all. The fear inducing injection needles used in hospitals or a doctor’s clinic are a lot much thicker which of course, cause pain.

During the treatment a de qi sensation which is a feeling of numbness, aching, soreness, heaviness, or heat may be felt. This is a good sign that the treatment is taking effects and is the nervous system’s normal reaction to the treatment. in and around an acupoint, there is a high concentration of blood vessels and nerves and a needles inserted into this point may stimulate these vessels and nerves, The de qi sensation signifies the arrival of Qi and its flow inside the meridians or energy channels in your body.

A lot of patients have felt positive changes in just one acupuncture treatment. More often than not, results can be quite dramatic although they may vary from patient to patient.

For people who are suffering from dysfunctions such as tightness or chronic pain, or had surgery just recently and are having dysfunctions months after surgery, they should consider acupuncture treatment. if your scar is more of a cosmetological issue than a health issue, acupuncture and other Traditional Chinese Medicine modalities can help make that scar “invisible.”

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