Why More and More People Are Trying Out Cosmetic Acupuncture

In this day and age, a growing number of Americans are seen to live up to their 70s, 80s or even longer. With this improvement in life expectancy and health, a lot of women and even men have considered techniques that can help them look as young as they feel. In the United States, the quest for youthful appearance has generated billions of dollars in sales on cosmetics and anti-aging creams. Botox injections and plastic surgery have now become so affordable for even the common man (and woman).

However, certain people may find these procedures dangerous, entailing risks related to injections or surgery that are not worth taking all for fulfilling the desire to look younger once more. People who prefer a safer treatment that helps them look young again will be pleasantly surprised to know that there is a very old technique that can help them achieve their dream. Cosmetic acupuncture is attracting a growing number of aging baby boomers who want to improve their health as well as make them look younger again.

Cosmetic acupuncture has been already practiced in China since 960 AD during the time of the Sung Dynasty. It was utilized by the concubines of the emperor and even by the Empress herself. This modality is about the insertion of flilform needles on points on the body and face. Cosmetic acupuncture is based on the ancient principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is used to boost energy and blood flow to the face and the more these substances flow to the face the more elastin, collagen, and nutrients come in to rejuvenate the tissues of the face. Besides making the face look young again, cosmetic acupuncture also can help improve health and lessen stress, factors that also benefit the look of the face.

Depending on the constitution of the patient, the results of cosmetic acupuncture may vary in degrees of effectiveness although more often than not, the benefits include the removal of jowls, a general lifting of the face, lessening of the puffiness around the eyes, diminished fine lines, and a glowing complexion. This was proven in a study published in 1996 by the International Journal of Clinical Acupuncture. In this study, almost all of the 300 participants (90%) experienced a sense of rejuvenation, a diminution of their wrinkles and fine lines, and an overall better complexion after being treated with multiple rounds of cosmetic acupuncture treatments. Besides that, they also experienced other health benefits including less teeth grinding and other TMJ symptoms, less acne breakouts, fewer hot flashes, fewer menstrual discomforts, and better digestion.

Cosmetic acupuncture can benefit almost anyone but people who are in good health tend to receive the optimal effects of the treatment. People suffering from chronic depleting conditions, poor digestion, or people who smoke need to resolve their condition first before they go for a cosmetic acupuncture procedure. For those suffering from migraine headaches, you should know that cosmetic acupuncture has the tendency to exacerbate your migraine headaches.

Cosmetic acupuncture has also its drawbacks. Unlike surgery or Botox, this treatment does not produce immediate results. It may take around ten to a dozen sessions before results start to show. Moreover, even when the results are visible, they can be unpredictable as to how much improvement is attained and what part of the face shows improvement.

A lot of individuals who know little about acupuncture think that because it uses needles, it is therefore, a painful form of treatment. The fact is most individuals who have been treated with acupuncture do not consider it a painful therapy. Yes, they may experience a mild discomfort when the needles are placed in the face and body but this discomfort is just that, discomfort and not pain. For sensitive patients, acupuncturists can utilize different insertion techniques on acupoints to help lessen the sensation. Almost all acupuncture patients found the therapy to be extremely relaxing; most of them even fall asleep during the procedure while the needles are stuck in their skin.

Being an extremely safe medical procedure, cosmetic acupuncture entails zero recovery time for the patient and no chance of disfigurement. Some keep coming back for treatment not because they want to look young but because they want to feel refreshed and relaxed. Since cosmetic acupuncture removes stress and improves your health, it is a rejuvenating type of treatment in the true sense of the word.

Ni Nan Gilbert is a licensed acupuncturist in Bellmore, NY with certification in Chinese Herbology and over 16 years experience in traditional Chinese medicine.

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