Why It’s Sensible to Include Chinese Herbs in the Treatment of Cancer

Some Western doctors have discovered that Chinese herbs can help fight cancer. This was already known by Chinese medicine practitioners thousands of years ago. The Chinese do not have a single word for cancer; instead, they use a number of words to describe it.

These days, a growing number of people are choosing Chinese herbs over radiation therapy or chemotherapy to help cure or at least control the spread of cancer in their bodies. Various types of
Chinese herbs are prescribed by practitioners to their cancer patients. Some herbs with blood breaking qualities are used to attack the tumor. Other herbs have known anti toxic qualities that are given to detoxify the body off chemotherapy drugs.

Since the body has the ability to fight the cancer that has invaded it, practitioners may prescribe herbs designed to bolster the immune system. There are also herbs that are meant to restore balance in the body which considerably strengthens the body’s ability to do battle with the cancer cells.

Along with these anti-cancer herbs, the practitioner will also prescribe herbs that can help prevent the coming back of the cancer.

There are several herbs that can be used to fight different kinds of cancer. Chinese medicine doctors categorize cancer into six separate groups: liver cancer, lung cancer, ovarian cancer, colon cancer, stomach cancer, and breast cancer. Unlike Western-trained doctors, they see each of these cancers as a different type of disease. A lot of Western medical researchers are now beginning to understand that their scientific studies have been pointing towards this same conclusion all along, that cancer is not just one disease but several.

Chinese medicine practitioners in Edina have proven that using Chinese herbs to fight different kinds of cancer can help slow down their progression or even completely treat these diseases. There have been cases where a patient became 100% cured of his/her cancer.

If you have decided to use Chinese herbs to help treat your cancer it is important that you first do a little background study on the qualifications of the Chinese medicine practitioner you have selected. Consult with your doctor. The best way to treat cancer would be combining conventional American treatments with that of Chinese herbs. Wisely choose your decision.

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