Weight loss and Acupuncture Cleveland

Many overweight people have their wishes fulfilled of losing unwanted pounds with a little help from acupuncture Cleveland.  It not only makes them more socially acceptable, losing weight for them is also good for their health.  Healthy fit people enjoy life more because they are not prone to diseases like heart problems, high blood pressure or diabetes.  As one reaches the age of 40 and beyond, the propensity to lose weight gets a bit harder to achieve.  Physical activities and exercises that used to be done at a younger age become more strenuous and arduous now with fewer pounds lost to show for it.  That is because the body’s metabolism starts to slow down leading to fewer calories burned.  Of course, dietary habits and lifestyle choices also are factors in weight gain and obesity.  The consumption of fast foods laced with monosodium glutamate (MSG) tricks the brain in eating more than one normally eats to feel satiated causing the person to overeat and overeat on greasy, fatty and very high caloric foods.

Some people may not eat this way but are overweight nonetheless.  These people usually have glandular disorders that poorly regulate the burning of fat in the body.  They usually inherit this disorder and even if they overeat or not, they still have to face their weight problem.  The ancient Chinese believe that some people become overweight due to poor water metabolism.  The spleen is essential to fluid transportation and if the spleen has deficient energy, the fluid from food and water intake will stagnate in the body.  The body organs and parts such as the stomach, arms and legs are governed by the spleen.  A deficient spleen will result in bloating and bowel problems.  The kidney also is considered by TCM as a very important organ in water metabolism. People who have deficient kidney energy will also accumulate a lot of fluid in the body.  This accumulation in turn will result in lower back and knee pain, edema around the knee and ankle, malaise, lower libido and sexual function, insomnia and nocturia.

For people with deficient kidney and/or spleen energy, acupuncture can be an effective way to regain lost energy of the two organs.  Needles are inserted at certain points in the body connected to energy channels that connect in turn to the spleen and kidney.  The needles are “tweaked” or manipulated to enable the right stimulation to effect energy change and remove any blockages that hinders proper energy flow to the affected organs.  As the energy comes back to the kidney and spleen, their function improves and increases the extraction of fluid from the body.  The treatment also entails not only a reduction of weight but also a decrease of the related symptoms.

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