The Viral Defense Formula

Most of the classes of herbs that have heat clearing qualities also have powerful anti viral properties. There were obviously no microscopes during ancient times to discover germs and viruses and how they cause infections. However, there was an understanding of toxins in the blood and heat (Fever) even then. What is outstanding is the knowledge of ancient Chinese medicine practitioners of the kind of herbs that possess powerful anti viral and anti-germ qualities which science has verified only during the past few decades.

An anti viral formula made up of one western herb and six Chinese herbs is used by traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) herbalists has produced consistently very good results. For a lot of TCM practitioners, this product is currently the most powerful broad spectrum anti viral herbal formula used to kill a wide range of bacterial and germ infections.

The one Western herb in this formula is Ligusticum porteri or Osha, which is the root of a Western Rocky Mountain plant.

Listed below are the other six Chinese herbs included in this formula.

– Chinese Coin Grass (Jin Tsian Cao)
– Chinese “Woad” leaves aka Isatas (Da Qing Ye)
– Flower Spikes aka Chinese Prunella Vulgaris (Hsia Ku Cao)
– Chinese Barbed Skullcap (Ban Zhi Lian)

In this formula, also added is a tiny amount of Chinese Licorice Root (Gan Cao) that helps the herbs to harmonize better and to augment and prolong the effects of their action.

Chinese herbalists and other practitioners of TCM who know how to tincture herbs can easily concoct this formula. Except for Chinese licorice, these herbs are all used in equal parts which would about equal a quarter (1/4) of a part (adding each together from separately tinctured herbal liquids). Drink the formula along with a juice or water since it is quite bitter and bad to the taste. At the first sign of an infection, take a teaspoon or tablespoon of the formula 2 to 3 times a day.

Let’s examine each of these herbs closely:

Osha – The American Osha root is an herb that has powerful anti-viral herb properties. It can help clear heat and toxins by making the body sweat profusely. It is known to cure and prevent the recurrence of viral pneumonia.

Chinese Coin Grass (Jin Tsian Cao) – This herb is actually a diuretic and not a heat clearing plant. It is known as an herb that helps excrete dampness. It also has the ability to break up both gallstones and urinary stones. In a manner not fully understood by science, Chinese coin grass has been known to treat liver conditions such as jaundice particularly conditions caused by viruses such as hepatitis C.

In certain medical documents, it was revealed that a lot of Arapaho Indians were able to survive the 1918 Flu Epidemic by simply using this herb. This is not a widely known fact as the AMA and the pharmaceutical industry made sure that this tiny bit of relevant information remains hidden to the public.

Root bark of the Mountain Tree Peony (Mu Dan Pi) – This bark has Heat Clearing attributes and can help treat epidemic febrile diseases of the blood. It also works against a wide range of pathogens. In TCM, there is such a thing as Yin and Yang energies in the body whose balance is often disrupted by diseases and thus needs to be addressed. Herbs such as the Root bark of the Mountain Tree Peony is used to restore balance to yin and yang to help the body recover from whatever disease it is ailing from.

Mu Dan Pi is especially effective when the yin is imbalanced due to heavy night-time fever. It is also an herb that can normalize menstruation since it has a deep impact on the function of the blood.
Chinese “Woad” leaves (Da Qing Ye) – This herb has very potent Heat Clearing qualities and is probably the most powerful anti viral herb ever. For thousands of years, Da qing ye has been used to detoxify blood. According to TCM, this herb is mainly indicated for “Epidemic febrile diseases with heat invading the blood”. It is bitter to the taste and possesses powerful cold energy. Chinese Woad has the ability to activate other herbs mixed in the formula and is extremely fast acting.

Flower Spikes aka Chinese Prunella Vulgaris (Hsia Ku Cao) – This plant has a powerful heat clearing quality that can help treat high blood pressure, headache, and fever. It is also used for liver conditions related to jaundice and also has been known to cure various types of herpes.

Chinese Barbed Skullcap (Ban Zhi Lian) – The Chinese Barbed Skullcap is a heat clearing herb that is now known in China to help fight cancer. In the West, this herb is mostly used to help relax the nerves. It also has been used to kill the virus that causes rabies in both humans and animals. Many variants of skullcap are known to have potent anti-viral qualities. Skullcap can also be used to treat lower fevers and in high doses, can help decrease high blood pressure quickly and significantly.

This “Viral Defense” formula can be a lifesaver especially during epidemics such as the Flu epidemic and is highly recommended to be in everyone’s medicine cabinet. It can neutralize the deadly effects of novel and “designer” viruses, whose “cure” or “treatment” has already been long created in some pharmaceutical labs. Having this formula with you, you never need to worry about the avian flu or any type of natural or synthetic viruses again.

You need to understand that this formula is not a tonic formula that can strengthen your Immune system and shield you from any infection or disease that you may encounter. If you want such a formula, you can use Huang Qi extract or Reishi Mushroom instead.

During the initial signs of infection, or when visiting a person with a highly contagious disease, this “Viral Defense” formula should be taken daily as a tonic basis. For chronic infections, it can also be taken for 2 to 3 months. Take the formula at the first sign of a viral illness or flu. As long as the infection is caught early, the next day, your illness is cured and you will feel normal and healthy once more. It is effective in curing serious infections such as genital herpes, shingles, and even the deadly hepatitis C virus. It also has been known to cure adults and children suffering from the “Croup” within a day or even less! There is no drug powerful enough that even comes close to this wonderful Chinese medicine formula.

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