The Many Uses of Acupuncture Orlando

Acupuncture Orlando is a very old healing procedure used by many Asian countries for millennia.  It has so many health applications.  Some of its health benefits extend to the healing of depression, menopausal effects, PMS, sleeplessness, high blood pressure/hypertension, IBS, chronic fatigue and anxiety among many , many others .

Most people in the US view acupuncture as primarily a treatment for pain.  Acupuncture of course is used more than for the relief of pain.  It is a vital component in a collection of natural medicinal treatments known as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).  Besides being a very versatile form of medicine, acupuncture is virtually 100% safe to use as it has no known negative side effects to the body.  Most of the new patients of acupuncture say that acupuncture is something they never thought would work for them but in fact had effects much more superior to conventional medicine without the side effects that conventional medications have.

Acupuncturists theorize that about 2,000+ acupuncture points are scattered all around the human body and these points all connect to energy vessels called meridians 12 of which are so called main meridians and 8 are secondary meridians.  TCM is composed of physical exercise/activities, meditation, physiotherapy, diet, herbal medicine and of course acupuncture.  These modalities believe in the existence of chi and are used to restore normal chi flow in the body.  Because of the limitations in the health benefits of Western medicine, especially in regards to chronic conditions, more and more people are flocking to acupuncture to at least give them a much better type of relief and comfort from their severe chronic conditions.  TCM and acupuncture help treat disorders and imbalances in the meridians and in major body organs including the liver, kidneys, lungs, spleen, heart and the senses and other body organs and parts.

Acupuncturists target certain acupuncture points where meridians affected by a health condition lie.  The needles are inserted into these points and stimulate the meridians that induce therapeutic effects designed to assist the body into healing itself.  From the inducement of sleep and relaxation to the treatment of sickness and injury, to the removal of stress and muscle tension to health maintenance and disease prevention acupuncture offers all of these benefits and much more.

Chi is the energy that gives life, health and growth to the body according to acupuncturists and TCM experts.  The development of energy blockages in the meridians causing the obstruction to chi flow is the principal cause of diseases, pain and illnesses in the body.  The acupuncture needles stimulate effects in the body that lead to the removal of these blockages and enable the chi to flow unimpeded and normally once more thus treating the pain, illness and disease in the body.

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