The Growing Use of Acupuncture for the Treatment of High Blood Pressure

Statistics show that about 30% of people living in the United States suffer from high blood pressure. Due to the very few symptoms related to this condition, the symptoms may remain undetected for so many years. The sad thing about high blood pressure is that it can lead to very serious complications such as kidney failure, heart attack and stroke. This means that if you show the signs and symptoms of high blood pressure, you need to have yourself checked up by a doctor as soon as possible.

High Blood Pressure Treatments

There are a lot of treatments for high blood pressure since it is a very common disease. The most popular treatments for it are hypertensive/high blood pressure drugs. These medications can significantly lower blood pressure effectively and quickly. However, since these are drugs, patients using them may suffer from certain nasty side effects. A lot of high blood pressure patients want to avoid using these drugs. They instead are on the lookout for other safer but equally effective alternatives. Acupuncture for the treatment of high blood pressure is one such alternative.

What is Acupuncture Treatment for High Blood Pressure?

Acupuncture is one uniquely Chinese modality that has been practiced for as far back as 3000 years. Not much has changed in the procedure. Acupuncturists insert specialized and ultra thin needles at certain parts of this body to help relieve illnesses and pain.

While mystery still abounds as to how acupuncture really works, it, nevertheless, has been promoted by various international and local health organizations as an effective treatment for a wide range of conditions including infertility, stress relief, and depression.

Recent researches show that acupuncture for treatment of high blood pressure primarily works by altering the manner the brain manages the respiratory system. Acupuncture helps lower the body’s need for oxygen. This results in the lessened need for the heart to pump more blood leading to a lowering of blood pressure. Another study reveals that that high blood pressure treatment using acupuncture only becomes effective when mild electrical stimuli are added to the treatment.

Only tests done in animals have been done, so far. The next step is to test acupuncture for high blood pressure on human subject volunteers.

One very important aspect of acupuncture treatment is the acupuncturist’s ability to select the proper acupuncture points to treat. Another trial study for acupuncture treatment for high blood pressure showed that the acupuncture points located on the forearms and wrists corresponded to a substantial lowering of a patient’s blood pressure. However, anecdotal evidence reveals that inserting the needles in other specific areas of the human body can work as well.

Before getting acupuncture treatment for high blood pressure in Jacksonville, you need seek out the advice of your doctor first. Besides acupuncture, altering your diet and lifestyle and lowering your levels of stress are all equally important for the proper control of your blood pressure. You need to ask your doctor for other natural forms of treatment for high blood pressure. Treating high blood pressure with acupuncture should be considered as a complementary treatment to a more natural and definitive formula to control and lessen the condition. Still, acupuncture for high blood pressure treatment is a powerful way to help combat and neutralize this potentially fatal health problem. Whatever treatment you decide to help you deal with your high blood pressure, you need to continue to use it to prevent this disease from turning fatal.

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