The Anti-Aging Effects of Traditional Chinese Medicine Medicinal Materials

A lot of individuals don’t have a clue about what traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is or what it’s all about. The truth is TCM has made great contributions in certain fields of society that are in huge demand, such as the field of beauty and anti-aging.

TCM makes use of certain materials to enhance both the external and internal parts of the body in order to maintain people’s health and resist or even reverse aging. These materials are quite inexpensive but incredibly effective.

Fleece-flower Root

One of these medicinal materials is fleece-flower root which can speed up the development of nerve cells and address neurasthenia and other nervous system conditions.

This herb can also play a huge role in altering serum cholesterol, reducing blood sugar and enhancing the ability of cholesterol metabolism and liver cell transformation. Fleece-flower root can also effectively reduce the process of oxidation in the body.

Panax Pseudo-Ginseng

Panax pseudo-ginseng’s chemical ingredients, pharmacological effects and clinical application are almost the same as ginseng’s although the former can expand blood vessels, raise cardiac output, retard heart rate and decrease the consumption of myocardial oxygen. Moreover, panax pseudo-ginseng can prevent and address cardiovascular diseases.

Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola rosea is a relatively recent discovery that possesses anti-aging properties. It effectively relieves fever, is a very detoxifier, halts bleeding, promotes mentality, and soothes the mind.

Medical research has revealed rhodiola rosea’s contribution in resisting radiation, fatigue, coldness, and anoxia as well as in preventing the development of cancer cells, boosting work efficiency and retarding the aging process of the body.

Gynostemma Pentaphyllum

A type of cucurbitaceous plant, Gynostemma pentaphyllum has recently been proven to effectively resist cancer and aging, alter internal secretion, enhance immunity, reduce transaminase and cholesterol, stave of the development of tumors. Moreover, this plant also can play a vital part in preventing the growth of ulcers, and relieving muscle ache and the tension.

Royal jelly

Among all honey products, royal jelly is by far the best of all. It possesses rich nutrients that can speed up the synthesis of protein and the development of healthy cells. Besides that, it can improve the regenerative ability of the body tissues and enhance the metabolism of the human body. Royal jelly is also rich in vitamin C and vitamin E that can help slow down the aging process especially in older people.

The remedial efficacy of the traditional Chinese medicinal materials have been tried and tested for millennia. In general, most of these materials are quite inexpensive and because of this a lot of people can avail themselves of these products to use for their own personal needs.

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