The Acupressure Mix Eye Exercise Technique For Treating Eye Strain

People are looking for natural, easy, and practically solutions to relieve the problem of eye strain in the age of postmodern technology. We can release tension and stress in our optical system through eye exercises that can enhance eyesight. One such exercise is acupressure. Certain acupressure techniques are extensions of eye exercises that also form the basis of a program to improve vision in a natural way. Acupressure exercises to relax the eyes are affiliated with the five millennia old Chinese healing practice of acupuncture and acupressure. Both follow the concept of certain energy channels (meridians) on the body are associated with certain organs that once a specific massage procedure is applied to these areas, energy and blood circulation is enhanced to the corresponding organs causing the improvement of physical health in that area.

This old Chinese healing practice also applies to the natural improvement of the eyes’ health. An Eastern healing method known as the acupressure mix eye exercise technique is one example of such an eye exercise procedure to release tension and stress naturally. For those who want to eliminate or at least minimize the problem of eye strain, below is an explanation of how to do this procedure along with extra information telling the benefits the procedure can provide in alleviating eye strain and boosting eyesight:

The acupressure mix eye exercise procedure is done by applying gentle message to the following meridians or acupressure points:

• The area surrounding the bridge of your nose
• The area of the bony socket just under your lower eyelids
• The area above the eye brows
• The hollow area at both sides of the temples

The important thing in applying this eye exercise routine is to gently massage these pressure point regions with both hands. For eye massages for each pressure point, one can conduct an eye exercise routine of two to three sets of eight repetitions in an up and down motion.

The following are the benefits that can be accrued from this eye health improvement technique:

1. Relaxation of the eye muscles: The ensuing smooth flow of Qi or vital energy leads to a stress relieving effect on the eye muscles.
2. Removal of toxins in the visual system: The acupressure mix eye exercise technique helps remove toxins in the optical system which promotes better eye health.
3. Increased circulation to the visual system: This method boosts the movement of Qi and blood to the eyes resulting in an improvement of vision.

There are numerous benefits that eye exercises can provide including natural improvement of vision, strengthening of the eye muscles, and overall improvement of eye health. One other benefit of such relaxation procedure includes the detoxification of the entire visual system. For computer users and for those seeking relief from strained and tensed eyes, the acupressure mix eye exercise technique and other such techniques are the most effective ways to address the issue of eye strain naturally.

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