TCM Modalities Helpful for the Treatment of Eczema

One effective form of natural treatment for eczema is acupuncture which is one of many healing procedures in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Acupuncture in Cleveland is a modality that uses extremely thin metal needles at certain points in the body.

Treating eczema with acupuncture helps restore balance in the body. This is accomplished with the use of needles inserted at proper acupuncture points that help clear out blockages and energy imbalances in the body. In this way, not only the symptoms of eczema are resolved but the root cause of the problems, as well.

During an acupuncture procedure, the needles are connected to electrical wires or manipulated into place by a practitioner. The procedure absolutely does not use any type of medicine nor is any chemical injected into the body; they only are used to stimulate the acupoints. Under the hands of a skilled and qualified acupuncturist, the treatment neither causes pain nor infection. Oftentimes, the patient may not be aware that the needles have already been stuck into his/her skin.

For the treatment of eczema, acupuncture is often performed after an exhaustive diagnosis of the patient. Your acupuncturist needs to study first your current condition (i.e., your medical history, age, symptoms, and imbalances in the body) before he administers treatment. Each patient requires a different type of treatment, which means each treatment varies from one patient to another.

Eczema is a skin condition that manifests on the skin’s external layer. This skin disease is marked by symptoms that include scabs, scales, crusts, blisters, redness, and inflammation on the surface of the skin. They may be accompanied by an itching or burning sensation, and usually, the skin experiences dryness around the affected area.

Eczema may be caused by an allergic reaction. It also can come about due to an unhealthy diet or sudden changes in the weather. The conventional treatment for eczema in the United States is non-steroidal and steroidal topical applications as well as oral medications. These approaches are often centered on providing symptomatic relief from pain and itching related to eczema.

Traditional Chinese medicine treatment for eczema, on the other hand, goes far deeper. TCM practitioners believe that for a person to be in healthy, his/her body should be in a state of perfect emotional and physical balance. Illnesses and ailments develop when this balance is disrupted. For eczema, the factors that disturb the balance include work, diet, emotional stress, and changes in the climate.

Eczema is usually diagnosed as an imbalance of three specific factors namely dampness, heat, and wind. The condition though is believed to be merely a symptom of a deeper health issue; possibly, a malfunctioning of certain internal organs in the body. In order to treat this malfunction, the acupuncturist utilizes a combination of skin preparations, herbal medicines, and acupuncture. Be that as it may, for some TCM practitioners and acupuncturists, eczema is not a condition that is easily treated or cured, since it originates from a certain internal malfunction.

It is very important to seek treatment only from a qualified and skilled acupuncturist in order to avoid the possibility of injuries or infections. You can get referrals or recommendations from your doctor or you can search online for a qualified practitioner near your area. Eczema treatment using acupuncture can bring about relief and is worth trying as a type of natural treatment as it helps restore balance to the body.

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