Tackling Obesity with Wight Loss Acupuncture Miami Treatments

Obesity is not a uniquely American problem. The World Health Organization considers obesity to be a global problem affecting by young and old people, male and female alike. Being overweight does not necessarily mean being obese but being obese is being overweight. Basically obesity is caused by lethargy and in cravings to eat junk and badly nourished foods.

In the United States alone around 300,000 people die from obesity related causes annually. This disease only ranks second to cigarette smoking as a cause of death among males in the United States and Americans spend at least $40-$50 billion per year on ways to lose weight.

Among the popular alternative treatments for excess weight is acupuncture. This uniquely Chinese medical art is now widely recognized as a very effective treatment for weight loss.

Acupuncture Miami is an ancient Chinese healing art that is around 2500 years old. This therapy was introduced in the United States in the 1970s for the relief of pain. Since then it was discovered to be effective in the treatment of physiological, emotional and mental conditions such as drug abuse, depression and insomnia.

There are around 2000 acupuncture points all over the body. Many of these points are used in the treatment of obesity. The most common form of weight loss acupuncture is ear acupuncture. The ear is targeted because it has many energy channels associated with the liver, nervous system, lungs and kidneys.

As with all acupuncture treatments, acupuncture in the treatment of obesity or excessive weight should be done by a licensed and well-trained acupuncturist. One takes a great risk of infection, bruising and painful needing procedures if he or she chooses to be treated by an unlicensed and inexperience practitioner.

Below are just some of the benefits acupuncture for weight loss gives to the person:

1.  Acupuncture for weight loss helps reduce insulin levels, blood lipid levels and body weight.

2.  It greatly lessens the food cravings of a person and enables the person to be easily filled without the need for more food intake.

3.  Weight is controlled and regulated during menopause.

4.  Acupuncture has been proven to help lose weight faster than a year of dieting.

Some of the prime benefits of acupuncture for weight loss can be seen in its positive effects in the function of the digestive system. For one, acupuncture helps increase body metabolism which helps in burning calories more efficiently. Acupuncture improves blood flow to the digestive organs such as the intestines which helps in absorbing nutrients in a more efficient way.  As a result, with just a few food intakes, the body’s easily sated which takes away the desire to eat more. However, positive dietary and lifestyle changes should be made by the patient in order to make the treatment last for a long time or even permanently.

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