Some Information about Four Handed Bodywork

Four handed bodywork involves two therapists working in a client providing two types of massages at the same time.  The effect of this type of massage therapy is to enhance both massage procedures and to provide a synergistic energy that is unique and invigorating.  Some spas, massage parlors and health establishments provide different massage techniques for four handed bodywork, the commonly used techniques include craniosacral therapy, structural integration and deep tissue massage.

A couple of these techniques are often combined for the four handed bodywork therapy although, there are times when only one technique is utilized by both therapists.

A session of four handed bodywork therapy may usually last for 40 minutes to an hour.

The benefits that individuals can derive from this therapy are not merely physical in nature. The saying that two hands are better than one is all true in many aspects of life; however, four hands may be much better than two when one can derive a plethora of health benefits from two therapies performed by two specialists working in concert to promote unique advantages only four handed bodywork therapy can give.  When addressing one particular condition, this therapy brings multidimensional gains including emotional, spiritual and physical gains.  The physical benefits can include treatment of a particular condition, relief of pain and better function of the musculoskeletal system of the person.  Emotional benefits can include the relaxation of the mind, lessening of tension and apprehension which help dispel anxiety, depression and mental stress.  The spiritual benefit derived from four handed bodywork therapy includes a better disposition and drive for meditating if one practices meditation.

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