Sinusitis Symptoms are Better Resolved with Acupuncture than Most Conventional Treatments

Acupuncture has been used for thousands of years to address a wide range of conditions; it is actually around five thousand 5000 years old. It is not only used to treat physical conditions, it is equally effective in resolving psychological problems as well. Acupuncture treats allergies, surgical pain and other different kinds of pain to mention just a few. Sinusitis is one condition that acupuncture has also been known to effectively treat.

When it develops into a long-term problem, sinusitis can become quite irritating and painful. Unfortunately, allopathic medicine has no real answer for this illness. People suffering from severe headache associated with sinusitis compound the problem that come with this sickness. Other symptoms that may arise in sinusitis include pressure in the eyes, cheeks and head, congestion and body aches.

Acupuncture Procedure in Treating Sinusitis

Acupuncture involves the use of hair-thin needles inserted at special points in the body known as acupuncture points to help rectify the flow and imbalance of energy known as Qi in the body. Certain traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis protocols are implemented by the acupuncturist to diagnose your condition and determine the sites where the needles are to be placed. In traditional Chinese medicine, there is a special relationship between the lungs and nose and so, for sinusitis, deficiency in lung Qi is often the diagnosis given for sinusitis. From time to time, though, sinusitis may be attributed to an infiltrating external pathogen, usually cold, attacking the lungs.

Common acupuncture points used to treat sinusitis include the Yin Tang acupoint, (located near the sinus cavity), the ST 2, and LI 20 points. To help resolve the underlying cause of the illness, the points LU 5 and LU 9 are needled. This treatment is aimed at releasing sinus pressure and to help clear the blockages that have developed in the sinus cavities; the more obstructed sinus is cleared, the more relief is felt.

Qi and blood flow is restored to the formerly blocked cavities relieving symptoms and lessening the pain and discomfort. Distal acupoints may also be treated to address energy imbalance that occurs during sinusitis.

So, instead of relying on antibiotics to help control or stop your sinusitis, you can avail of the services of a qualified and well-experienced acupuncturist to get the proper treatment of your condition. Allow the acupuncturist to help restore the flow of blood and energy throughout your body in order to attain good health and get complete resolution of your sinusitis problem.

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