Sinusitis Coping and Support

Regardless of the season, sinus pain, sinus pressure and nasal congestion will always be common symptoms.  Knowing the causes and treatments can help you cope well with your sinus problems.

Know what’s causing your sinusitis – Some people suffer from a deviated septum or small sinus passages. Also nasal polyps can grow along the sinus passages and block drainage.  Knowing how to overcome these problems to help keep the sinus openings clear can enable you to have sinus openings that can drain properly and prevent you from developing sinusitis.

Use a humidifier – A heated indoor or a dry climate dries out your nasal membranes resulting in cracking and crusting making mucus drainage difficult. Offset this problem by using a humidifier inside your home.

Keep your nasal passages well irrigated – Irrigating your nasal passages means cleaning out those passages from excess mucus, irritants and allergens.  Use a medicated saline spray or better yet make a home solution like a Neti pot. You need a saline mixture consisting of a pint of lukewarm distilled water mixed with a teaspoon of salt. You can add half a teaspoon of baking soda to make the solution less harsh on the nose. Place the solution into a Neti pot. Bend your head backward and allow the spout into your top nostril. Slowly pour the solution into your nostril. The solution will enter the nasal cavity into the nostril and out. Blow your nose to remove the remaining solution and do this again this time using the other nostril.

Clear your sinuses – Do this by inhaling steam 2 to 4 times a day or by drinking lots of fluids that help thin your mucus.

Stay away from things that irritate your sinuses – These irritants can include hairspray, cleaning products, cigarette smoke, pollution and any other substance that produces fumes.  You need to quit smoking if you are a smoker. Move away from people who smoke. Stay indoors if the air pollution level in your area is high.

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