Reasons Why Acupuncture is The Answer To Your Fertility Problems

If you have problems in conceiving a baby boy or girl, then you may have already tried a lot of different methods for getting pregnant. From eating differently to timing intercourse, perhaps even trying costly complicated therapies, nothing seems to work. Perhaps there is one thing you should also consider after all approaches have failed: acupuncture. The fact is, acupuncture is fast becoming a very popular way for couples who are having problems attaining pregnancy to successfully conceive a baby boy or girl they so desperately want.

How is Acupuncture Connected To a Man or Woman’s Fertility?

Acupuncture has been used for thousands of years to restore balance to the body. This includes treating hormonal imbalances which is one of the biggest causes of infertility. As a fertility method, acupuncture can be the answer to any man or woman’s infertility problem. However, each gender has its own specific problem. In men the goal is to boost the production and enhance the quality of the sperm, and help them perform better in sex. The way this is achieved is to increase blood circulation to the male reproductive system, balance the hormones and strengthen the natural defenses of the body against pollutants and diseases. This is done through the use of acupuncture.

On the other hand, women will seek acupuncture treatments to help stimulate ovulation, which is one of the greatest benefits of acupuncture with regards to infertility.

In several cases, an acupuncturist will recommend Chinese herbal medicine along with acupuncture as part of your infertility treatment plan. These herbal concoctions are usually taken in between sessions. One important thing to note is that if you are taking medication associated with fertility or undergoing IVF therapies, it may not be advisable to take herbal remedies. This is because these formulas may actually lessen the efficacy of your fertility meds. To be on the safe side, before taking any herbal treatment, you might want to talk with the doctor who’s treating your infertility.

What Exactly is Acupuncture Infertility Treatment in Spokane?

Acupuncture is a healing technique that involves the placement of hair thin needles just underneath your skin at certain acupuncture points or acupoints. Most people have a fear for needles; however, the needles used in acupuncture are not the hollow needles used by nurses and doctors to draw out blood or inject of drugs or substances into the body. Acupuncture needles are solid and very thin that when inserted into the skin will generate a numbing sensation, never pain.

Sometimes also, a moxa plant, which is a Chinese medicinal herb, is burnt and applied on the needles or directly on the skin during an acupuncture treatment. This type of treatment helps promote blood circulation, and research has shown that it is especially therapeutic in the pelvic and uterus regions. Due to the nature of their disease, people with diabetes should consult with a doctor as anything connected to blood circulation should be carefully evaluated.

How Does Acupuncture Work?

Western medicine still does not know enough how acupuncture really works and why it is extremely effective in treating a lot of human health conditions. The principle behind it is that it enables the vital energy of a person to flow freely by clearing out blockages in the energy channels known as meridians. This helps the body regain its natural balance it lost due to negative energy and stress.

For couples struggling with infertility that cannot be explained, it is not uncommon for them to tend to seek acupuncture treatment for their problem. More often than not, acupuncture cures this type of infertility. When a man’s sperm and a woman’s egg are not compatible or when a man has a low sperm count, acupuncture can bring about balance making conception possible. Several instances of infertility described above are the result of and emotional issues and stress – acupuncture can help with both, which is why it is very effective in treating infertility.

If you’re having a difficult time getting pregnant, you need to avoid stress as much as possible. This is because stress warns your body that it is in danger so the body responds accordingly, and this generates an environment that’s not conducive to conceiving a child. As it helps reduce stress, acupuncture can therefore be a very effective means for boosting the likelihood of conceiving the baby boy or girl you dream of.

However, it must be said that acupuncture is not meant and cannot resolve serious fertility problems such as lack of sperm production in a man or blocked fallopian tubes. It can nevertheless help a lot of couples get pregnant. So if your partner and you are looking for help in conceiving a baby girl or boy and want to try a natural treatment for infertility, acupuncture might just be the answer you are looking for.

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