Overcome Your Hyperdrosis Problem With Acupuncture

Acupuncture for the treatment of hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) is a treatment a person suffering from this condition should consider after all conventional modes of treatment have failed. If clinical treatments like Iontophoresis and really powerful deodorants prove inadequate in addressing your problem, you then need to consider acupuncture as a viable treatment for your potentially embarrassing condition.

Acupuncture’s origins came from China. It was practiced in many cultures in East Asia to treat a wide variety of illnesses and diseases. Usually, holistic modalities are not highly regarded as reliable modes of treatment in the West as Eastern cultures do. Western medicine mainly uses drugs and surgery to resolve most human health conditions.

For those who have tried acupuncture hyperhidrosis treatment, they have found that acupuncture is a truly effective solution that helped them better control their sweating problems.

In fact, clinical studies testing the effectiveness of acupuncture for hyperhidrosis have so far produced consistently impressive results.

Acupuncture is a medical healing art that involves the use of very thin metallic needles stuck at certain pressure points in the body to generate a series of physiological responses that cause the body to heal itself.

A Typical Acupuncture Hyprehidrosis Procedure in Overland Park

When the needles are inserted into the skin of the patient, the initial sensation would generate a tingling or numbing feeling. The needle pierces the outermost layer of the skin. Instead of penetrating the skin, the acupuncturist may also just push the needles gently back and forth into the skin. The effects of the needles may vary depending on the qualifications and experience of the acupuncturist. A qualified and well-experienced practitioner performs the procedure in such a way that no soreness or injuries are experienced by the patient.

So, if you want to have a very safe and successful treatment, you need to search for a licensed and experienced acupuncturist for treatment of your condition. You can ask your doctor for referrals. There are actually medical physicians who are also accredited medical acupuncturists and many of them are qualified to treat your hyperhidrosis condition with acupuncture.

The pressure points where needles are inserted have sensory nerves known as dermatomes. The dermatomes are stimulated when the needles are inserted into them. They are directly connected to the nervous system of the body.

In treating hyperhidrosis, acupuncturists locate the dermatomes associated with stress and anxiety. These two emotions are the main triggers for a hyperhidrosis episode. The dermatomes also are known to regulate the internal temperature of the body as they are all also related to the sympathetic nervous system.

The pressure points to be treated are selected based on the location and severity of your hyperhidrosis symptoms. So, for example, a patient suffering from plantar or palmar hyperhidrosis, his treatment will involve needling of the ribcage or chest since the pressure points/dermatomes that deal with sweating on the feet and hands are located there.

A more generalized form of treatment may be performed by other acupuncturists. It all depends on your acupuncturist and how well you respond to the treatment.

You may begin to see significant results after two or three weeks of treatment although a lot of people have experienced relief on the first session of treatment.

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