Acupuncture in Miami and IVF Treatment

In vitro fertilization or IVF is a very popular type of assisted reproduction technique (ART) for a couple to have a child in the US.  This procedure has aided them in their infertility and allowed them to have child of their own flesh and blood.  This procedure addresses fertility problems particularly sperm problems for males while for females problems concerning tubal abnormalities.

Before IVF treatment is given, the specialist needs to know what type of infertility the couple is suffering from and what approach would be best for the infertility problem. For a few weeks, the female is given fertility drugs.  The female produces the eggs and then they are taken out by the specialist and placed in a petri dish with her partner’s sperm as the specialist tries to fertilize the egg with the sperm in vitro.  If fertilization is achieved, the fertilized egg is placed black into the woman and allowed to mature in the woman’s uterus.

IVF treatment is quite expensive and not all couples can afford it while some may just not be into artificial reproduction procedures.  Whatever the reason, some couples are looking for natural alternative means to help them have a child.  Some have opted to try herbs and other modalities they believe could work for them.  However, each person is unique and people who have had success in herbal medicine many not work for others.  Some females who tried herbals have experienced miscarriages.  Sometimes herbal formulas and vitamin supplements have negated the benefits of fertility drugs or treatments.  It is always recommended to consult with a physician first before taking in herbals to see whether these herbals are good for you or not.

Yes, there are vitamin supplements and herbal formulas that do work and they can also work both for female and male infertility.  Vitamin E, for example has been known to boost sperm production and can also boost the fertility rate of the female.

Reports done years ago and even just recently has proven that acupuncture truly can greatly improve fertility and also the success rate of conception.  Studies also show that acupuncture greatly boosts the rates of success of IVF treatments if the former is included in the latter’s program.  These studies show that IVF treatments with acupuncture had a running success rate of more than 42%.

Without acupuncture the highest success rate that IVF procedures can achieve is only 357%.  This is for women who were younger than 30 years old.  27% was the average rate of success of IVF procedures for women 35 to 37% and for those 38 to 40, the success rate was a mere 20%.  One should go to a clinic that provides statistical information of their success rates so that the couple may be properly informed of their chances of successful conception.

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