Maintain The Health Of Your Heart By Applying Acupressure To A Few Meridians

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a major cause of disability and leading cause of death in the US is heart disease. Coronary heart disease is the most common heart disease in this country that often is mistaken as a heart attack. An American will experience a coronary event every 25 seconds.

Maintaining the right amount of exercise and eating healthy food among others are important elements in preventing this rise of heart disease. In Chinese medicine, our body has some very effective acupuncture points that we can use to maintain the healthy condition of our heart.

1. The Ht 7 point (Shenmen): In the heart meridians or energy channels, this point is the primary acupuncture point. The Ht 7 is located along the tendon of the little finger on the wrist’s inner side. The Shenmen calms the heart. Applying acupressure therapy on this point can treat and prevent forgetfulness, depression, sleeping problems, uneasiness, and heart diseases.

2. The Pc 6 point (Neiguan): This acupressure point lies along the pericardium meridians. It is situated at the arms’ center lines, about 3-cun from the wrist line. ‘Cun’ is the unit used to ascertain the distance for the location of an acupressure point: one cun equals the midjoint at the width of your thumb; 2-cun equals the width of middle three fingers, while 3-cun is the width of the four fingers at mid joints minus the thumb. Individuals past the age of 35 are advised to massage these two points often or daily. Five minutes of daily massage on the Neiguan can help prevent the rise of heart diseases. It can also reduce the chance of nervousness, irritability, depression, improve one’s mood, slow down the aging process, and even help stop hiccups!

3. Ht 1 (Jichuan): The Ht 1 is located on the armpit’s highest point and is also associated with the heart meridian. This point is extremely effective at treating and preventing heart diseases. It can boost heart function by delivering blood efficiently and quickly. Plucking the tendons inside the armpits is the easiest way to massage this point. You are massaging it right if you feel a bit of numbness on the little fingers. You may commence with a gentle motion then slowly add more pressure based on how much pressure you can tolerate. Plucking or massaging the Ht 1 can improve liver function, resolve irregular heartbeats brought about by sadness and anger, and treat arm numbness and chest tightness.

Healthy advices to boost the health of your heart

1. Stay in a cheerful and happy mood: Healthy people are usually happy people. Our emotions tend to have a profound effect on our physical body. The best medicine for all illnesses is happiness.

2. Sleep on the right side: Because the heart is on the body’s left side, sleeping on your right side lessens the physical pressure on the heart.

3. Massage the foot-bottom which is the area of heart reflection: Apply acupressure on the bottom of the left foot to stimulate the heart reflection point. It is found at the upper and outer 1/3 lines of the bottom of the left foot.

Note: This article is not meant to be a substitute for personal advice and medical care. Before starting any health program or therapy, you need to always talk to a healthcare professional about any health condition you may have.

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