Herbal Remedies And Foods To Tonify The Energy Of Your Heart

Even when a patient does not have the typical tell tale symptoms of heart disease, traditional Chinese Medicine can provide us ways to keep out Heart strong and healthy.

Fundamental to the health of our entire being is the health of our Heart. Many families carry a history of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and/or heart disease and the typical American diet is one of the greatest contributors to high incidences of cardiovascular diseases in this country. Some of us suffer from symptoms related to heart problems: fatigue after light exertion, shortness of breath, heart pain, and palpitations. Hypothyroid diseases can also increase the chances for heart disease.

In spite of this, most people are simply unaware that they have a heart problem. With Chinese Medicine, a person does not need to already have heart disease symptoms for heart problems to be diagnosed and treated.

Chinese doctors historically were paid to preserve the health of the people; when they became ill, this implied that the doctors have been remiss on their responsibilities.

All Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners see symptoms such as anxiety and insomnia as indicative of heart energy weakness. They observe the shape and appearance of the patient’s tongue (the heart is mirrored at the tip, and the tongue’s color suggest the health of the blood in the body), and palpate the pulse (heart energy is reflected on the first position on the left side). When weakness is experienced in a meridian, the practitioner places needles on specific acupuncture points in order to correct the weakness and help balance the energy of the body.

Powerful Chinese herbal remedies are also available to aid the blood and energy of the meridian of the heart and the entire body of the patient. A qualified herbal practitioner or acupuncturist in Bellingham can determine the right formula to use.

Some commonly used herbal remedies to tonify heart energy:

An Mian Tang: when the weakness of the Heart manifests as insomnia
Gui Pi Tang: when the blood and energy of the Spleen and Heart are affected
Ba Shen Tang: to boost the blood and energy or chi of the entire body
Si Wu Wan: to increase the blood of the body

The heart can also benefit from other herbal formulas. Two vital supplements to take for the health of the heart are CoQ10 and Hawthorne Tea.

Green leafy veggies can greatly contribute to the health of the heart. Dark green leafy vegetables contain chlorophyll, (which is responsible for giving the plants their green color), is an ideal way to tonify the blood. Chlorophyll’s molecule is quite similar to hemoglobin except that at the core of chlorophyll is magnesium, instead of iron. Magnesium is an essential mineral that can greatly benefit the health of the heart. Chlorophyll-rich foods include kale, collard greens, Swiss chard, lamb quarters, and dandelion greens.

Foods that can increase the greens in your diet:

Energy Soups
Blended Salads
Green Juices
Green Smoothies

Green Juice Recipes:

Mix the following fruits and vegetables through a blender for a tasty, heart-healthy green juice:

A quarter organic lemon, with peel
One apple
One handful parsley
One small cucumber
Three celery stalks

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