Herbal Medicine Has Been Around For Over 5,000 Years

One of the oldest health care systems in the world is herbal medicine. Alternative therapies and medicines are typical aspects in Chinese culture, and usually, they are successful in relieving or curing a person’s specific ailment where Western medicines have failed. Herbal medicine involves the use of plants and plants extracts. The various and enormous benefits of herbs have been availed of by all cultures and different generations.

The use of Chinese herbal formulas has continued for over 5,000 years ago. Traditional Chinese medicine or TCM has several components that include exercise, lifestyle advice, acupuncture, stress-reduction activities, massage, and herbal medicine. TCM treats the whole body for better and quality health.

During the last two years, TCM has turned into a big business in the US. Modern science has found that some TCM treatments have even been shown to be as effective as conventional medicine in treating certain ailments. A lot of the new products that are tagged as aphrodisiacs came from Chinese herbal medicine. Both Western and Eastern medicines have some things that they are good at. Western medicine excels in the treatment of acute problems while TCM is a superior option in the treatment of chronic conditions.

Why Chinese herbal medicine works is due to the simple fact that health is more than just the absence of disease; it also means maintaining the body in a condition that makes it capable of fighting disease and keeping the mind clear and balanced. Herbal formulas balance the body’s nervous system and helps in relaxing the body. The Chinese believed that the life and nature are determined by qi (vital energy) that interact with and are dependent to each other.

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