Helping People With Anemia Through Acupuncture Therapy

People often find it a good thing when they learn that acupuncture along with Chinese herbal medicine can effectively treat anemia. Both are known as alternative forms of treatment that have been practiced for thousands of years to resolve anemia symptoms like tiredness, weakness and pale complexion to mention just a few. Anemia, from the perspective of western medicine, is a very common blood disorder that can result in palpitations and shortness of breath if the condition is severe enough.

Studies done recently have proven that acupuncture can boost the serum ferratin levels in the body. The scientists who did the study utilized just a single acupuncture point known as hsu san li which means three leg mile in Chinese. This acupoint has been needled through the ages to fortify the body in such a way that the person can still walk an extra three miles after a whole day of walking. This is a very important acupuncture point that is more or less related to the function of the spleen.

Based on traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) theory the abdomen takes in the food while the spleen absorbs the food. Nutrients can be bolstered when certain acupuncture points are needled. When the three leg mile acupuoint is needled, it can alleviate tiredness, paleness, palpitations and shortness of breath. All of these are symptoms associated with anemia.

When an individual has anemia, it is reasonable to observe the type of diet he/she eats. Acupuncture can be a procedure that can stimulate the absorption of food and digestive function. This form of treatment doesn’t just entail inserting needles into the ear, leg, arm or other parts of the body. The body contains specific anatomical locations and acupuncture points that a licensed acupuncturist can needle to stimulate the affected nerves in the body. Depending on what the acupuncturist needs to attain, the needle’s length and thickness that is used for the procedure can vary.

The acupuncturist may adopt certain methods to stimulate the body after he/she has inserted needles in the patient’s skin. The practitioner can lift the needle up and down or twist it to achieve a desired reaction. The thrust and lift methods that activate the qi of the acupuncture point makes the entire acupuncture treatment more potent.

Some of the side effects of taking iron supplements are stomach pain and constipation. The underlying cause of the anemia should also be addressed in order for the patient to attain lasting health and normal balance. Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine definitely works in the treatment of anemia symptoms as well as help boost the body’s ability to absorb nutrients.

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