Headaches – Lifestyle and Home Remedies

Proper Diet

Headaches may come from eating foods that have high concentrations of additives, synthetic chemicals and preservatives. An organic more natural meal not only prevents you from getting a headache but also makes your body strong and healthy overall. Stop eating foods and drinks laced with aspartame, monosodium glutamate and other harmful artificial additives as they not only make your head throb with pain but can also can lead to very serious diseases like cancer, diabetes and heart problems.

Aromatherapy and Essential Oils – The olfactory nerves are sensitive enough to cause your head to ache if they are exposed to wrong and powerful scents for a long time. Pleasant aromas and oils can soothe your body and help treat headaches and even migraines. Some of the soothing oils you can use to treat your headache include:

  • Lavender
  • Marjoram
  • Peppermint
  • Eucalyptus
  • Wintergreen
  • Sandalwood

These oils you can apply on your neck and head for an aromatic and very relaxing massage.

Massage – Massaging the forehead oftentimes helps lessen your headache by taking out the tension and stress in your muscles and mind. Massaging the temples and points above the nose bridge in a mild to moderate way, releases pressure on your sinuses and the head and the temples helping decrease your headache.

Reduce Noise and Lights – Blaring noise or even not-so-loud but very irritating sounds and music can make your head feel pain and elevate your blood pressure. Bright lights will prevent you from falling asleep. If you are suffering from a headache, turn off the lights and appliances like computer, stereo, TV and close the blinds to help you get some good uninterrupted rest and lessen your headache.

Rest – Getting adequate rest is the best way to address pulsating and throbbing headache. Resting relaxes the eye nerves and muscles causing the pain to lessen or disappear.

Lifestyle Modifications – Alcohol and tobacco smoking are very common factors that contribute to headaches. So if you have a headache, abstain from smoking or drinking alcohol to help alleviate your head pain.  A brisk walk out in the open is one way of getting fresh air which may help relieve your headache.

Posture – Having a good posture gives your body a good center of gravity distributing your weight to certain parts of your body in a good way. A stooping posture puts extra pressure on your neck and shoulders and strains the neck and head nerves which may lead to headache and neck pain.

Drinking adequate amounts of water – Studies have shown that drinking copious amounts of water can be effective in relieving headache.

Herbal tea – Tea with peppermint, rosemary or chamomile flavor can effectively relieve headaches caused by stress and tension

Ice/heat therapy – Placing a hot or warm towel over your forehead is a time tested treatment to address headache. Cold compressions or ice packs can also have the same beneficial effects to headache as a hot or warm towel.

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