Getting Off Depression Using the Chinese Healing Art of Acupuncture

Acupuncture began to be practiced in China around 4,000 years ago. It became a popular form of alternative form of treatment in the United States during the early 1970s. Along with other diet therapy, meditation, and yoga, acupuncture has been one of the most popular forms of alternative therapies in the United States and the whole world today.

When it come to the relief of muscular strains, stress, and pain, acupuncture, can be extremely helpful. A lot of individuals have discovered this modality superior in terms of relieving pain than surgery or drugs. Acupuncture is an excellent option not only for the relief of stress and pain but also for the treatment of anxiety disorders and depression.

One of the safest and most effective ways to treat depression is acupuncture, a natural Chinese healing art that helps balance the emotional and physical aspects of a person. Stress and anxiety are the major reasons for depression. They are the two factors that cause chemical imbalances in the brain.

Why Patients Suffering from Depression Prefer Acupuncture Over Other Conventional Modes of Treatment

The human heart can be severely affected by the side effects of antidepressants. A lot of times, these drugs help alleviate depression by slowing down the function of the brain. Altering the way the brain functions can have serious health consequences and so antidepressants and other such drugs should be avoided as much as possible. A safer alternative solution such as acupuncture is the best way of handling this psychological condition. Antidepressants can be very dangerous for depressed women who are pregnant as well as for their unborn child. Today, more and more pregnant women suffering from depression in the United States are turning to acupuncture for a better and safer resolution of their problem.

Treating Depression Related to Pregnancy

Women usually find pregnancy problematic and difficult and for those already suffering from depression, these issues are exacerbated many times over. The risk of an abnormal birth, stillbirth or miscarriage for women using anti-depressants during pregnancy is quite high.

In a typical acupuncture therapy for depression, there is no use of any drugs whatsoever, more so if the patient is pregnant. Acupuncture involves the needling of certain acupoints to help treat depression problems. This treatment is aimed at balancing the physical, emotional, and physical aspects of the person, as well as harmonizing or increasing the Qi or vital energy of the person.

Is Acupuncture an Effective Modality for Depression?

Beyond the resolution of a specific condition, acupuncture also addresses the overall health of the person. Medications can treat depression, but their side effects cause harm to the natural functioning of the body. These days, there are doctors who heartily recommend acupuncture to their anxious and depressed patients. Some scientists argue that acupuncture works in treating depression because it activates the central nervous system of the body and increase the production of natural painkilling chemicals known as endorphins.

There are not enough studies that will absolutely prove the potency of acupuncture in healing depression. However, patients who have been cured of their depression would heartily recommend acupuncture as a tool to help them safely and easily overcome their problem.

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