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Nowadays, probably the most flocked clinics in the United States are acupuncture clinic. Over the years, alternative forms of treatment like acupuncture have provided numerous benefits to a variety of symptoms and illnesses. It is even known to cure terminally ill diseases and aside from that it addresses health as a whole taking into consideration a person’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being.

To most women the most devastating and trying times in their lives would be experiencing a miscarriage. This is a very difficult thing to accept especially to those who are trying to conceive. It is believed that miscarriages often result due to the genetic abnormalities developed early in the fetus but this is often regarded as invalid. Acupuncture is trying to address this problem with the combination of Chinese medicine. It basically concentrates its focus on preconception health. With acupuncture treatment, it can increase blood flow to the reproductive organs in both parents to bathe the egg and the sperm in nutrient-rich blood while they are maturing. Quality embryos and healthy implantation will result from quality eggs, endometrial lining and sperm.

If a woman has low progesterone level and this is the reason why she cannot conceive, acupuncture can help strengthen the quality of the follicles to better produce progesterone after ovulation. Aside from that acupuncture also addresses the concerns with thin endometrial lining and very light period by increasing blood flow to the uterus and balancing a woman’s hormonal levels. A woman undergoing treatment or is trying to conceive can include acupuncture in their treatment plan after consulting with a medical professional like an obstetrician. A typical plan would be to treat once a week during the first three weeks of a cycle. The first day of treatment is usually the first day of the period. If pregnancy occurs, treatment will take place once a week or every other week during the first trimester.

The physiologic factors are not the only factors that cause miscarriage. Stress can also be a key factor. With the help of acupuncture, stress will also be addressed. After all it does deal with a person’s holistic health. Once you visit an acupuncture clinic, your acupuncturist will go into more details with regards to your particular needs.

Another problem that women of the reproductive are facing right now is pain during a menstrual period. Acupuncture has been known for so long to help reduce symptoms of pain in the body. Acupuncture treatments can increase the endorphin levels in the blood and can counter-act the pain-producing factors. As mentioned earlier, acupuncture can be used to balance the hormones. It works effectively on the endocrine system to regulate the hormones in the body to produce more progesterone and estrogen in complimentary ranges.

Acupuncture clinic can be the right place to seek treatment for miscarriages and pain during a period. Acupuncture is an ancient form of Chinese medicine which has been around for thousands of years and this can be the right solution to these forms of physiologic problems.

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