Acupuncture Treatment for Children is Safe

It is a fact that acupuncture can give some form of health immunity for a child especially during epidemics.  For children who already experienced acupuncture, they find this treatment an enjoyable and easy experience.  Even for children who haven’t been injected with vaccine needles or any type of needles, they will find acupuncture to be pretty relaxing especially when performed by a licensed and well-trained acupuncturist who knows how to insert the needles in a correct and painless way.  Children usually get stimulated easily than adults and as a result the beneficial effects are quickly felt by the children.

Acupuncture treatment for children is the same as adults.  The needles remain inserted at the same time length as adults and the acupuncture points used are the same ones also used for adults.  However, the number of needles used for children are less than adults.

Acupuncture’s aim is to harmonize and balance the energy level of the body and to regulate body functions of the person. When the child comes in for treatment, the acupuncturist will observe the pulse and the color and condition of the child’s tongue.  The acupuncturist will also be observing the emotional state of the child.  This means he/she will monitor any depression, anxiety, anger, etc. coming out of the child.  These kinds of behavior can be treated and can promote a much better living environment for the family.

Acupuncture can also help with bed-wetting problems of children.  Oftentimes, this problem resolves itself in time but there are children who find it difficult to outgrow this problem.  Acupuncture effectively helps children control this problem with just one or a few sessions of treatment.  Many times, bed-wetting can be attributed to emotional issues.  So to remove the bed-wetting problem, the negative emotion the child has should be addressed first.  Asthma is also quite prevalent among children nowadays due to the increase of chemical allergens used by industries.  Acupuncture is effective in clearing the air passageways that are often obstructed during an asthma attack.  It also helps strengthen the immune system enabling the child to be resilient to allergens.  Acupuncture likewise, increases blood flow to the lungs allowing the lungs to function much better and help the child breathe better.  The use of acupuncture for pain relief particularly for children with back and neck problems is highly recommended instead of giving the children pain medications that can cause serious side effects to the child and not really address the condition that causes the pain.

Be sure to get treatment from a licensed and well-trained acupuncturist who knows how to apply the needles in a painless way and who is quite familiar with the application of acupuncture needles at the precise acupuncture points. This is to avoid needless complications which might happen when treatment is performed by a less competent and unlicensed acupuncturist.

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