Differentiating The Various Kinds Of Moxibustion Materials

In both of both traditional Chinese and Tibetan medicine moxibustion is a special medical procedure that activates acupoints as a way to boost the self-healing abilities of the human body. Practitioners state that the glowing heat generated by the burning plants and herbs infiltrate deep into the body. This is supposed to restore the balance and flow of chi or vital energy. moxibustion is a involving the burning of certain plants and herbs at acupuncture points. These days, moxibustion is commonly used in combination with acupuncture in West Orange for conditions ranging from arthritis to asthma with highly successful results. To administer moxibustion, the person or practitioners should have moxa cones or moxa sticks, a tray to hold the ashes, and matches. Moxa is a bastardized version of the Japanese work “mokusa,” that literally translates to, “burning herb.” A person will discern a meaningful amount of difference in the different types of moxa along with pre-made moxa products.

Moxa Sticks

Chinese moxa sticks and rolls bundled together are traditional used for indirect moxibustion therapy. Compared to moxa cones, moxa sticks usually are more easy to use because they can be conveniently kept in your hands and are longer. The moxa stick is seen as the traditional material used in moxibustion therapy to facilitate healing. The dried mugwort is securely wrapped up and rolled and creating a cigar-like stick during moxibustion therapy. Some practitioners may use mulberry barks as wraps for moxa sticks because they also bring about specific healing benefits. One can buy commercially sold moxa from local Chinese herbal stores. The moxa stick is applied about 1 ½ inch from the patient’s skin, although this may vary from person to person. The sticks may be applied on an acupoint where an acupuncture needle has been inserted. The healer or practitioner places a finger near the stimulated acupoint in order to maintain keep an adequate amount level of heat and also to prevent the patient from being burned. The moxa stick is commonly used address yang energy deficiency inside the body. Heat and motion controlled by yang energy s motion and a deficiency in yang leads to cold symptoms and signs.

Moxa Cones

Moxa wool and Moxa cones include the mugwort herb which can be bought in herbal stores. Resilient and really mild heat is produced by a cone shaped moxa. In order to form a cone, this type of moxa is made from hard pressed moxa wool. The process of moxa burning is referred to as Zhuang. The person or practitioner positions a moxa cone over the point determined in administering the desired moxibustion. There are sizes of moxa cones. The largest is the same as the size of the thumb’s upper section which almost the same size as a grain of wheat, a mediym sized cone is about half of an almond, and then the largest is the same size as the thumb’s the upper section. Moxibustion therapy using moxa cones is a choice between indirect or direct, or based on whether there is something between the skin and moxa cone or not. While the largest is meant for indirect moxibustion therapy, two smaller cones are often employed for direct moxibustion.

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