Cupping Acupuncture Jacksonville

Acupuncture Jacksonville is an ancient Chinese medical tradition involving the use and insertion of hair thin needles into the skin.  These needles help in the removal of pains in the body and can help in the treatment of infertility or relief from symptoms of cancer to name just a few of its myriad of benefits. Cupping acupuncture is one among several common medical techniques used in acupuncture.

Cupping is a procedure that is part of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and whose aim is to mitigate body pain.  It also provides energies beneficial to the body.  However, if this technique is to be done by the patient him/herself, then it is to be done only after consultation with an experienced acupuncturist who will instruct the patient about its processes so that no negative outcomes will be experienced by the body.

Cupping acupuncture involves the use of small bamboo or glass jars or cups.  The jars or cups are heated inside to form a vacuum.  Once a vacuum is created, the cups or jars are then placed in the body.  The cups/jars create then a suctioning effect and are allowed to remain in the body for 15 minutes or more.  Modern technology have given way to a suctioning pump performing the job once reserved for these cups/jars.  This facilitates the process and lessens greatly any negative side effects.

Cupping greatly helps in the energizing of the body organs to help rid them of pain and diseases.  It also assists the lungs to detoxify by opening it up to allow “old” and poisonous blood and free radicals to escape out of the body system through skin pores or the nose.  This makes breathing much easier and smoother.

Wetness and the cold element can also be removed by cupping acupuncture, which keeps the body fit and healthy.

By removing poisonous and “old” blood, cupping allows for the flow of fresh blood newly supplied with oxygen around the treated area.  Thus, through this process, the affected tissues are rejuvenated and nourished adequately which then benefits the whole body system.

In spite of it being an effective and wonderful acupuncture treatment, cupping cannot be used for all people.  One example where cupping is contraindicated is in pregnant women although there are small cases where the doctor might recommend cupping for the pregnant patient.

Finally, during a cupping acupuncture therapy, a very good sign to look for proving the therapy is working great will be wounds that start to heal and disappear usually within a week of the treatment.  It is always advisable to consult first with one’s healthcare provider before starting out on an alternative path to wellness.  Sometimes, even one’s healthcare provider may be a qualified practicing acupuncturist or that he/she may know and recommend a qualified and experienced acupuncturist for his/her patient.

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