Coping with Chemotherapy and Breast Cancer with Acupuncture Orlando

A growing number of women are turning to alternative modes of treatment in treating abnormal breast conditions.  Most of them have heard of traditional Chinese medicine and have read good reviews and feedback about it and are serious in trying this type of medicine which has been proven successful in treating various kinds of health conditions.  One of the best therapies TCM has to offer is Orlando acupuncture.  This ancient Chinese medical practice gives the female patient the chance to prevent breast problems.  It has been proven effective in improving the health of women’s breast.

TCM believes that in order to resolve a health problem, the nerves should be stimulated to elicit a therapeutic effect.  This is essentially the same the case with diseases of the breast.  The mood of women easily change and this affects their stress levels which also affects the viscosity of the body fluids as well as the chi which turns thick and starts slowing down its flow causing health problems in the body.  The thickened chi oftentimes turn into nodules and these nodules can create problems like breast cancer.  The stress level of women is usually higher compared to men because of their more emotional nature and this can be a factor that can help them develop breast cancer in the future.

When cancer cells develop, they destroy the body’s normal tissues.  Cancer cells often hitch a ride in the bloodstream and they help create cancer in the other parts of the body.  Women over the age of 50 are the most prone to breast cancer.  In fact, studies have shown that are around 80% of women with breast cancer are at the age of 50 and above.  Women with a family history of breast cancer have a good chance to acquire this disease.  Other women prone to acquiring breast cancer are those who have had delayed menopause or have started their menstruation cycle early on in life.  Some women who haven’t experienced breast feeding a child can likewise develop breast cancer.  Even hormone substitution therapy can cause women to develop breast cancer too.

Some women with lump on their breast should not be alarmed since not all breasts are cancerous in nature.  If you have any breast lumps, you need to see a doctor and have a medical check up.  To be sure you are in good overall condition you need to undergo a regular monthly check up of your breast especially if you are over 50.  Have your breast checked for any tumors or cysts that might have developed.  Acupuncture can help neutralize the side effects of chemotherapy and help your body cope up with the discomfort and pain of chemotherapy and breast cancer.

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