Chiropractic Lorain Therapy for Neck Pain

Without pain, the body would be oblivious of an ailment, sickness or disease threatening it.  Neck pain can be a sign of a neural, muscular or a vertebral problem.  If neck pain persists after two days, it is highly advisable to visit a chiropractor for consultation.

A chiropractor Lorain is a healthcare professional who manipulates or makes adjustments in the spine and/or neck to mitigate pain in the sore areas. In chiropractic therapy, a bad alignment of the vertebrae can affect the nervous system that can cause pain or illness. The chiropractor realigns the vertebra with the rest of the vertebrae to alleviate the pain and other symptoms associated with the misalignment.  Without chiropractic therapy, mainstream medicine’s only remedy for this kind of problem would be surgery.

Depending on the severity of the neck pain, a treatment may last a day or a number of months.  Upon patient consultation, the chiropractor studies the medical history of the patient and physically examines the patient.  After physical exam, a diagnosis is made and a treatment plan is drawn up best-suited foe the patient’s problem.

The neck muscles and bones are capable of a wide range of motion.  Sometimes, the individual suffers from muscle strains like stiff neck that limits the neck’s range of motion.  Neck pain can be gained merely by falling asleep, staying in front of the computer for long hours, watching TV, etc.  It also may occur after an accident, chronic conditions and with old age where osteoarthritis can set in causing neck pain.  The most common treatment utilized by chiropractors is spinal manipulation or chiropractic adjustment, a manual adjustment of the spine to bring back alignment and minimize nerve irritation.  Chiropractic in its treatment does not use drugs or surgery.  It is a safe treatment with no side effects whatsoever.

Same as with mainstream physicians, the first step to treatment with chiropractic is for the chiropractor to study the patient’s medical history. He asks the patients of any accidents or injuries that may have caused the neck pain, his medical conditions and performs an examination of the patient’s posture and other behavior. X-rays may be done to observe the spine to thoroughly determine if chiropractic treatment is warranted.  If the neck pain is something the chiropractic can treat, a spinal adjustment may be given to alleviate the neck pain.  With spinal adjustment, the chiropractor palpates the neck, and examines each bone.  He then manipulates or adjusts the neck by twisting it in one motion on each side.  He then again palpates the neck to see if the spine has been realigned.  The first experience for new patients is often difficult especially if the pain is severe.  It is not uncommon for the chiropractor to prescribe non-steroidal analgesics to the patient after treatment to alleviate the residual pain of the patient.

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