Can Falun Dafa Exercises Help Cure Marijuana Addiction?

In Maitland traditional Chinese medicine or TCM, Falun Gong or Falun Dafa is a form of “cultivation system” or spiritual movement that was established in 1992 by Li Hongzhi. In 1999, the communist Chinese government banned Falun Gong and branded it as a heretical movement. News reports from other countries have said that the Chinese govt. violated the human rights of thousands of Falun Dafa practitioners torturing and killing many them and having their organs harvested.

Falun Dafa is not like the other schools of qigong schools in that it the does not practice rituals in daily worship and puts great emphasis on theology and morality. Its core principles are Mercy, forbearance and veracity. Falun Dafa has redefined the modern schools of qigong and is a key factor in changing the lives of millions of people throughout the world imbibing in them good wisdom and good health.

Falun Dafa discourages alcohol, smoking, pre marital sex, drugs, and homosexuality as part of its emphasis on ethical responsibility and also because they are counterproductive to the aims of the practice and they can result in negative Karma.

Falun Dafa principles state that a person must constantly strive to harmonize himself with the universal tenets of mercy, veracity, and forbearance. This is what cultivation means. In order to attain this goal, people need to learn five easy sets of exercises through meditation and gentle movements. Those exercises are merely supplemental and cultivating oneself remains the main objective. In addition to having a deep inner meaning, these exercises are also extremely effective in relieving stress and anxiety especially in the midst of withdrawal from marijuana.

Objectives of the Exercise

The primary objective of Falun Dafa exercises is to obtain energy in the shortest possible time while simultaneously ameliorating anxiety and stress.

The movements are all concentrated on all energy channels andare simple to learn. They are designed to open and stretch all the energy channels in the body in order to allow the flow of energy to enter body parts that are blocked. When the practitioner performs these exercises, he can hope to raise his levels of energy levels within a short period of time.

How do Falun Dafa exercises assist in the cessation of marijuana smoking?

These exercises open up all energy channels which help enhance well being and stamina. They also expel negative energy from the body enabling the mind to concentrate on positive things. Most important of all, the gentle Falun Dafa exercises and movements place great emphasis on breathing. These all play a huge role in reducing stress and anxiety in people who have recently stopped smoking weed. The exercises’ spiritual aspects also provide support from marijuana relapses.

Two very important factors that can determine success in a person’s efforts to quit smoking marijuana will be to formulate a plan to detoxify the body of all THC first and then to help the person overcome his cravings.

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